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TPW: Responding to turbulence with courage, agility

The Publicity Workshop (TPW) is one of South Africa's leading PR agencies for its agility and flexibility under pressure.

Dionne Domyan-Mudie
Dionne Domyan-Mudie

ed by renowned publicist Dionne Domyan-Mudie and her sidekick Tamaryn Nicholson, The Publicity Workshop started in 1997 and has since worked some of the biggest international concerts this country has hosted.

From the first-ever show at The Ticketpro Dome in 1997, which starred the inimitable Diana Ross, through to Big Concerts' unmatched, record sell-out tour with Ed Sheeran, Domyan-Mudie’s success with international productions has given rise to broader horizons as word of mouth has brought new and diverse clients to TPW.

Having brought Nicholson into TPW as an intern and empowered her to rise to account director on various brands, Domyan-Mudie’s drive to overcome the devastating impact of Covid-19 on the entertainment industry has seen the TPW footprint grow into the banking and finance arena, as well as business, IT and technology and the SME sectors.

Remote work and ROI

Providing expert PR services and proven return on investment (ROI) to a number of businesses last year not only kept TPW afloat, but the company was also riding a wave of a greater demand for effective messaging through 2020 and into 2021.

Domyan-Mudie and Nicholson also mastered the art of remote working, taking their skills and experience to the next level, with Nicholson working on all her projects across the ocean in Cyprus as some personal opportunities presented themselves.

With the skills and resources to provide specialist writing across any market sector, as well as placement of messaging in the appropriate media, TPW is able to work with global companies and provide them with the benefit of Domyan-Mudie’s long-standing relationships with media contacts as well as intros to highly specialised services such as hybrid exhibitions and concerts through her client, The Ticketpro Dome.

With a small but robust infrastructure that enables TPW to exceed expectations across a variety of industries and organisations, TPW continues to provide exceptional leadership in the competitive field of public relations and its off- and online platforms.

The marketing industry looks cautiously hopeful for a good Q2 and onwards in 2021 – and TPW matches that optimism with enthusiasm.

3 May 2021 07:38