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V5 Digital invites you to V5 Africa: Why your business needs email marketing and marketing automation

Few people are genuinely excited to open an email these days. A more common response is to look at the bland generic content, sigh, and send it straight to the spam folder.

There are, however, a few passionate people reimagining what email marketing can and should look like. People like the SharpSpring experts Timothy Pogge and Sarah Ludwig who believe that opening an email should be relevant, valuable, and personal.

But who has the time to craft creative content for every person on their mailing list? Marketing and sales teams should be strategising and growing the business, not typing out manual emails to the right person at the right time.

Tim and Sarah believe that the last two concepts don’t have to be mutually exclusive. They know how to send an audience impactful content tailored to their interests, at the perfect time, on a massive scale, using email marketing and automation, and so should you!

V5 Digital invites you to V5 Africa: Why your business needs email marketing and marketing automation

The V5 Africa webinar series prides itself on showcasing extraordinary talent and inspiring its audience with insights from knowledgeable experts who are changing the way business gets done.

This week is no exception with keynotes Timothy Pogge, a sales engineer supervisor, and Sarah Ludwig, a senior sales engineer at SharpSpring from Constant Contact, showing the staggering revenue and growth potential that can be unlocked using email marketing and automation.

It’s possible to send automated emails that sound human, are triggered by specific actions and are customised so carefully that no two people feel like they’re getting the same mail. It’s then possible to retarget an audience with even more relevant content converting them into lifelong customers.

If you wish to be truly competitive then your email list, already filled with initial interest, is the perfect place to start. Learn how you can take advantage of this incredible resource by registering for the V5 Africa webinar here.

If you’d like to know more about this valuable webinar series or would like to catch up on previous episodes then click here.

11 Oct 2022 10:52