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Want to get the most from your Instagram bio? V5 Digital has the solution

Instagram remains the coolest of the social media platforms, with fans, brands and influencers flocking to it to garner likes and followers. But as more of us get our businesses onto Instagram, there comes the stark realisation that it can be fairly difficult to drive your business objectives on the platform. Sure, you can use hashtags to expand your reach and acquire new likes and followers, and you can even use paid media to promote your post. But there is one critical problem: Instagram captions do not allow for clickable links, and your Instagram account bio has space for only one link.
How much time are you spending ensuring your Instagram bio is fully optimised?
How much time are you spending ensuring your Instagram bio is fully optimised?

The solution many of us have turned to is very manual and time-consuming: remembering to write ‘link in bio’ in captions where we need to move people from our post to another site (where we might want them to view more content, sign up to our newsletter or a host of other activities). We then also need to remember to update the link in our bio so that it corresponds with what we’ve just posted. Furthermore, we are often driving multiple objectives at one time. Our post this morning may need a link to our YouTube channel, while the post this evening needs to get traffic to our website.

It becomes apparent that that tiny piece of digital real estate – the link in our account bio – is highly valuable. To be savvy about the way we go about doing our digital business, we, therefore, need to carefully optimise that little piece of real estate. Yet doing so can become a time-consuming and laborious task and can often feel like a losing battle – particularly when we are trying to juggle multiple objectives. Don’t you wish someone else could do that for you?

We all want likes and followers on Instagram, but how are we using our bios to drive our business objectives?
We all want likes and followers on Instagram, but how are we using our bios to drive our business objectives?

Well, now you can get someone to do exactly that on your behalf! V5 Digital is a leading digital marketing agency based in Windhoek, Namibia that offers a pioneering new service to help keep your Instagram bio permanently fully optimised, so that it is packed with all your most up-to-date and relevant links that align with your posts.

You might be thinking: “That’s nice, but I’ve seen various other solutions from global competitors, so what makes V5 Digital’s solution different?” The first major difference is that V5 Digital offers a personalised, customised solution built for your business. Competitors offer you an anonymous service without getting to know your business needs. V5 Digital, on the other hand, begins the process by consulting you to get a 360° understanding of your business objectives so we can craft the ideal solution. Do you need to gain more subscribers? Have more people sign up to your newsletter? Drive traffic to your website? Get more downloads of your content? More listeners on Spotify? More app installs? Once we understand the multiple goals you are aiming for, we can begin to craft the ideal solution.

Secondly, V5 Digital conducts a social media account audit to reveal the ways in which your account could be set up in more optimal ways to drive your objectives. For instance, are you using your Instagram Stories highlights buttons to provide your potential customers with a clear understanding of your brand pillars?

Here is the clincher: Unlike competitors that offer a one-size-fits-all solution, V5 Digital builds a custom solution for you based on our thorough understanding of your business and your needs. Whereas competitors’ offerings will click from the link in your bio to a bland screen with multiple clickable links, V5 Digital’s offering clicks through to a screen that we tailor to match the look-and-feel of your brand. We include social icons so your audiences on your other social accounts can grow and cross-pollinate. Instead of copy-heavy link buttons, V5 Digital uses visual representations of your content that are clickable, transporting your audience to exactly where you need them to be.

This retainer service from V5 Digital will give you peace of mind, knowing that your Instagram account is functioning at 100% to help you achieve your objectives on an on-going basis. That means you can focus on your business.

Still unsure of how V5 Digital’s ‘link in bio’ solution works? Check out our Instagram account and click the link in our bio to see exactly how we are getting the most from that precious piece of digital real estate.

Ready to do the same for your Instagram? Don’t hesitate to contact V5 Digital for a free, non-obligation consultation.

9 Apr 2020 09:58