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Media24 partners with eComplete to put your business on the map for e-commerce!

Five businesses in desperate need of e-commerce infrastructure, stand a chance to win an online set-up to the value of R250,000.

Do you have a business older than two years, with an active website? Does it feel like Covid-19 is quickly suffocating its growth and development? This is the competition for you. Media24 has partnered with digital gurus eComplete to help resuscitate five businesses wanting to ramp up their online offering and venture into online sales. It’s not only convenient for your clientele, it’s a necessity for business survival during these unprecedented times.

Why you need to push e-commerce hard

With social distancing in full effect, consumers are spending 100% more time online to get the items they need. This can be extremely challenging for businesses who haven’t fully figured out deliveries and an their e-commerce offering.

Because consumers have a whole lot of free time and are spending just about all of it on some kind of electronic device, not being set up for online services is equivalent to committing business suicide. Does that make you feel anxious? Then it’s time to act. This competition is designed to boost your business where it counts most. Don’t miss this opportunity: it’s literally offering you expert-intervention, at zero cost...

Let the experts take care of it

eComplete is a leading e-commerce development and digital marketing performance agency that offers fully managed e-commerce services to brands and retailers in SA and around the globe. They’re not only passionate about enabling businesses to succeed in e-commerce and help them build relationships directly with their customers, they’re also experts in covering all the touch points that form part of the consumer journey from click to delivery.

Media24 is South Africa’s leading media company with interests in digital media and services, newspapers, magazines, e-commerce, book publishing, print and distribution. It is part of Naspers, a multinational group of media and e-commerce platforms.

The partnership of these media and digital giants can only be good for your business.

What the prize entails

An online development package worth R250,000, including full e-commerce development, consisting of the following:

  • Modern UX ecommerce design
  • The development of a fully responsive e-commerce store for both desktop and mobile devices
  • Product catalogue upload and categorisation of up to 500 SKU’s
  • Digital graphic design for on-site assets and banners
  • Hosting and security configuration
  • Payment gateway configuration
  • Easy-to-use customer check out
  • On The Dot LMS set up for warehousing and logistics
  • eComplete's SME advanced tech stack
  • Onsite SEO optimisation
  • Training videos

Does reading this make you hopeful (and excited) about running a business during and beyond the Covid-19 pandemic? It’s guaranteed to change the way you do business for good.

Submit your entry here

Don’t wait too long though, the closing date is 20 August. So get those entries in!

* Terms and Conditions apply.

11 Aug 2020 17:48