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Forging the influential bridge: Where do brands intersect with real campaign success?

In the world of influencer marketing, brands often struggle to align their needs with the offerings of creators and influencers. At the same time, running truly successful campaigns requires finding the sweet spot where brand goals intersect with what the creators have to offer. This disconnect often results in a misalignment of goals between brands and marketers on one side, and creators and influencers on the other, within the same campaigns.
Forging the influential bridge: Where do brands intersect with real campaign success?

Nicole Capper, the new GM at Humanz South Africa, has a unique perspective that offers a solution to bridge this divide. As an industry expert and an influencer, Capper brings a juxtaposed view that can unite brands with the real keys to campaign success.

In this Q&A, she shares insights into forging that influential bridge-linking brand needs to creator power for influencer marketing that unlocks wins for everyone involved.

Q: Nicole, you’ve used the phrase "golden thread" several times. What does that mean to you?

A: The "golden thread" is a lovely analogy. It connects all the right elements into a magnificent tapestry, like weaving with one continuous thread. For influencer marketing, the golden thread connects the influencers, who are small businesses needing to earn money and develop their brands, with the brands needing profitability and tapping into influencers' creativity. It ensures everyone involved wins in some mutually beneficial way.

Q: What role does Humanz play in tying that "golden thread" together?

A: Humanz is an AI technology company at its core, focused on educating the industry so influencer marketing wins across the board. We share resources, best practices, and knowledge freely and transparently, not just with select partners. The idea is that as the whole industry understands influencer marketing better, it elevates everyone. A rising tide lifts all boats.

Q: How is your role as GM unique in connecting that golden thread?

A: I want to create an environment for healthy learning and exponential brand and influencer growth. I don't want to be a ceiling, but a conduit where people are open to learning from each other. I'll work with people smarter and more experienced than me to foster creativity. I'll listen and connect, not preach. My role is about enabling our partners, marketers, and the creative industry to win, not compete against them.

Q: You mentioned that Humanz doesn't compete with agencies. Can you expand on that?

A: Humanz is an enabler and tool for marketers and brands to grow and run better campaigns. We don't compete because our purpose is empowering our partners to succeed, not trying to replace them. Being in this position allows me to challenge the norms of competition within the industry toward more collaboration.

Q: How do you define "winning" in this role?

A: Winning for me means our partners in the industry are winning - marketers, brands, and influencers. It means my team at Humanz is personally growing, reaching career goals, and excelling. When everyone around you is winning, that's true winning for me in this role. It's about elevating the whole industry.

Forging the influential bridge: Where do brands intersect with real campaign success?

As Humanz continues to cement its position as an enabler and educator in the influencer marketing space, Capper's perspectives shed light on a future where competition gives way to cooperation. By fostering environments of shared learning and growth, Humanz aims to uplift not just its partners, but the entire creative industry in South Africa and beyond.

For marketers, Capper's insights reveal the path to truly impactful influencer campaigns - where brand goals harmonise with creator excellence in a continuously flowing cycle of mutual value creation.

As influencer marketing evolves, following this "golden thread" of collectivism may well unlock unprecedented success for everyone involved.

20 May 2024 11:29