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Long-distance moving costs in South Africa, cheaper movers' prices, and a better service!

This is how trusted furniture removalists Cape Removals makes cross-country moves more affordable for everyone
Long-distance moving costs in South Africa, cheaper movers' prices, and a better service!

What is the cheapest way to move furniture long distance in South Africa? Beyond the generally palatable, if often unavoidable, costs of moving home locally (suburb to suburb, town to town), moving long distance can get quite pricey. There’s a lot more miles to cover for movers when going from Johannesburg to Cape Town, for example, Durban to Port Elizabeth, or vice versa, and that often makes long distance removals quite expensive.

That’s why Cape Furniture Removalists rolls out a special service specifically for long distance removals in South Africa. Using our network of nationwide moving companies and furniture transport, we offer huge cost-savings through Share Load Removals along all major routes in South Africa.

Share Load for long distance furniture removals

Part Load or Share Load Removals, is a national network of large trucks run by Cape Removals furniture removalists, with each truck capable of carrying several households’ worth of goods and furniture. And they run weekly routes all around the country.

How it works is, if you have to move house to another part of the country, you don’t have to book an expensive container or entire load or truck, you simply purchase a “share” or “part” of a load that’s already going to your destination city. That means you only pay for the trip one-way (instead of the full fare) and the running costs of the moving companies’ transport is shared among all the clients whose goods are being carried. And the cost difference can be a huge saving on long distance removals.

Long-distance moving costs in South Africa, cheaper movers' prices, and a better service!

How much does a long distance move cost?

Without Share Load, it’s quite expensive: If you take into account that even a local (nearby) move of a larger 3- or 4-bedroom house can be upwards of R5000 at most moving companies, you can only imagine that those movers' costs escalate when moving long distance using traditional transport. Relocating from Cape Town to Johannesburg or anywhere in South Africa and using traditional long distance transport can start from anywhere between R170 and R300 for the first kilogram, and then it’s R11 per kilogram thereafter, which, at the average household furniture weight of around 2720kg, quickly goes to around the R30,000 mark. And then you still have to pay a 40% fuel surcharge.

That’s just too expensive for the average person, which is why we at Cape Removals created the much more affordable Share Load removals option.

What is the cheapest way to move furniture long distance?

Now, consider that with Share Load Removals, our moving companies and national furniture removalists’ network was able to bring down the costs of long distance removals between Cape Town and Johannesburg to between R2200 and R6000 – a fraction of the traditional movers’ costs!

Cape Town to Durban is around R3500 to R6000, and it’s the same with all major routes in South Africa. Our furniture removalists’ Share Load Removals run weekly long distance furniture removals between Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban, Pretoria, Port Elizabeth, Bloemfontein etc. – virtually every city in the country.

Discover Share Load furniture removals.

Share Load moving companies in South Africa

Cape Removals is one of SA’s top-three-rated moving companies on HelloPeter, and rated 9.5 out of 10 as furniture removalists by Sirelo. Which confirms Cape Removals as one of the most trusted and reliable movers in SA.

To know how much your move should really cost, get your complimentary and obligation-free Cape Removals furniture removals quote from Western Cape and if you are in Durban or Johannesburg then try our moving companies Johannesburg and furniture removals KZN platforms.

7 Jul 2021 14:32