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Now trending: Hot off the (IMCAS 2024) press

Celebrating global innovation, the 2024 IMCAS World Congress – held in Paris from 1 to 3 February – saw 18,000 attendees, 350 exhibitors, 980 speakers, and representatives from 136 countries, gather for the world’s largest, annual scientific aesthetics congress. And, of course, our very own Dr Maureen was there.
Victor Snyders and Dr Maureen Allem
Victor Snyders and Dr Maureen Allem

Echoing the Skin Renewal’s industry-leading ethos, IMCAS embodies the future of modern treatment with a global look at the techniques, topics, and methods in aesthetic science treatments. “It’s truly an incredible opportunity to learn and network with our peers, take in an immersive scientific programme with innovation at its core, and be at the forefront, locally, when it comes to trends, globally,” reflects Dr Maureen.

Speaking of trends, here are Dr Maureen’s top three trending topics from IMCAS 2024 and a round-up of the other trends shaping the face of aesthetics and anti-ageing this year:

1. The return of the natural look

In a nutshell? It’s about being the best version of yourself, not trying to look like the Bold Glamour filter version of someone else.

Never one to arrive late to the trend party, Kylie Jenner is sporting a much more natural pout these days having let her temporary lip fillers run their course, and opting not to get a refill. If that’s not a sign that obviously augmented is out and subtly natural is in, then we don’t know what is! In fact, more and more celebrities are seeking out the advice and expertise of qualified surgeons, doctors and aestheticians to achieve natural-looking enhancements, over time, through a series of targeted – yet subtle – treatments and procedures.

"The shift towards embracing a more natural aesthetic extends beyond simply toning down lip enhancements," explains Dr. Maureen. "This trend encompasses a broader spectrum of in-clinic treatments aimed at enhancing skin integrity. As we age, we gradually lose about 1% of collagen annually starting from the age of 25, and the ligaments supporting our facial structure attach to the skin. Strengthening the skin becomes paramount, as it acts as the natural support bra for our face. Consequently, the trend leans towards non-surgical in-clinic treatments and subtler cosmetic procedures, including natural injectables. Thanks to advancements in non-invasive cosmetic treatments, we can achieve a more natural aesthetic, maintaining a youthful and authentic appearance while delivering customisable, natural-looking results."

2. Collagen induction treatments

It’s not news that collagen is the 'secret sauce' when it comes to turning back the clock but, fact is, collagen production slows with each additional candle added to the birthday cake. While treatments that induce collagen may be news to some, it’s an approach that’s been trending at Skin Renewal since Kylie Jenner got her lips filled the first time.

“We’ve included collagen induction treatments for a while now, courtesy of our lasers and energy-based devices like RF needling and Pico Laser," explains Dr Maureen. “It’s a key component of all of our solutions, when prescribed by our in-branch doctors, for a natural look.”

It’s important to highlight that any patient that comes in for Botox is actually looking to mitigate ageing and, while injectables can offer a solution to the 'problem', injectables are just one of the six pillars of anti-ageing.

From the age of 35, our essential anti-ageing hormones such as DHEA, progesterone, testosterone and pregnenolone (which forms the substrate of oestrogen, progesterone and testosterone) decline rapidly, and we really start seeing the effects of this ageing. Dr Maureen emphasises the importance of this approach: “By improving skin integrity, in turn supporting and holding up all the false ligaments, we’re being proactive, rather than reactive, which means less fillers down the line. It’s incredibly important that this is explained to patients and why our signature treatments include both treatments from doctors and therapists.”

3. Less 'invasive', more integrity

Procedures, such as laser treatments, are increasingly popular due to their less intrusive nature, minimal downtime, and immediate results. With the rapid development of technology and ongoing innovations, we have more and more tools available to us to improve the integrity of the skin.

That’s the beauty of innovation-led skin rejuvenation. It’s not just a major trend, it’s a dedicated, multi-pronged and multi-disciplined approach that focuses on skin health. And it has seen an undeniable rise in the popularity (and uptake) of treatments like chemical peels, micro-needling, mesotherapy with Growth Factors and Peptides, and laser resurfacing, for improving skin texture and tone.

In the global spotlight now, but on our radar for a while:

  • Male aesthetics
  • It’s no longer just a woman’s world. With more men seeking treatments such as Botox, fillers and especially hair restoration, male aesthetics is in full swing – with Boland man leading the way.

  • Hair loss treatments for women
  • Often the topic of conversation among men closer to 50 than 20, hair loss isn’t reserved for the boys’ club. With 40% of women experiencing some form of hair loss, hair loss treatments for the fairer sex are gaining popularity.

  • Innovations in fillers and filler materials
  • New advancements in fillers, including longer-lasting, safer, and more natural fillers are being developed and are expected to gain FDA approval soon. Within our offering of the most innovative fillers, Revanesse Shape has FDA approval, joining the other Revanesse FDA-approved fillers which have taken 'ownership' of 18 % of the USA market. Interestingly, this number is even higher in Canada.

  • Stem cell therapy and regenerative medicine
  • These are emerging trends in aesthetic medicine, offering treatments for skin rejuvenation, healing, and reducing the signs of ageing. We’re keeping a close eye on exosomes and Polynucleotides to ensure that we remain on top of our skin integrity game.

    And, last, but not least, let’s fill you in on what’s trending with injectables…

    Well known for its results on the forehead, frown lines and crow’s feet, lower face Botulinum treatments have been neglected for long enough. This year will see a renewed interest in (and 'aesthetics appetite' for) the use of Botulinum to give the southern hemisphere of the face some well-deserved anti-ageing and aesthetics attention. And, the evidence-based adoption of larger doses of Botox to attain longer-lasting results is also a trend that seems here to stay.

    Not so much a trend as an industry mandate, safety and compliance within the context of injectables is dead centre in the aesthetic industry’s spotlight and that is why we have chosen Revanesse fillers.

    Speaking of Revanesse, we’re expertly positioned to offer rejuvenation in many of the previously 'neglected areas' – neck and décolleté, earlobes, hands, and the rest of the body

    As always, knowledge is power, so if you have any questions about any of the trends, technologies or treatments mentioned in this article, get in touch. Any one of our world-class, highly-trained medical doctors and/or therapists will happily give you the lowdown on what’s on the rise, trend-wise, in the industry we love!

    23 Feb 2024 16:15