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Why Skin Renewal's holistic body approach to weight loss works

As much as good eating habits are vital to a successful slimming campaign, years of experience at the Renewal Institute has shown that lifestyle habits are just as important. If not assessed, addressed and changed, a long-term solution to weight loss just isn't possible. This isn't only true for slimming, but for overall health too. It's the very reason why Renewal Institute developed the four pillars of health - gut health, exercise, good nutrition and stress management. Each of these pillars are integral to one's well being with sleep optimisation being the foundation upon which they rest.
Why Skin Renewal's holistic body approach to weight loss works

A holistic approach to weight loss

With these four pillars in mind, our doctors pooled their knowledge to create the Renewal Institute Diet (RID). It assists patients to lose weight in a manner that ultimately addresses all the aspects of their lifestyle, to ensure their weight loss is sustainable.

To start, every patient consults with a doctor to discuss all the aspects of their health. During this time, lifestyle habits are assessed and alternatives are recommended and implemented. As far as the diet aspect of the RID goes, it’s designed to improve the body’s leptin sensitivity. Leptin is the hormone responsible for the regulation of the metabolism as a whole. Most people who carry excess weight that doesn’t seem to budge have a resistance to leptin. A person with no or low resistance to leptin can eat just about anything, without gaining weight, but those with a higher resistance to leptin have increased appetite and a slower metabolism. Because of this insight, the RID was designed to improve the body’s leptin sensitivity through a four-pronged approach:

1.  A low GI diet

This balanced meal plan is flexible and practical and will assist in the changing of eating habits without starving the body. The diet can easily be maintained by those with busy schedules.

2. Weight loss supplements

The supplements prescribed in RID have been formulated and tested by a team of experienced medical doctors and contain the most up-to-date, natural weight loss aids.

3. Daily shakes

To ensure optimal nutrition, a great-tasting daily meal replacement low GI shake is incorporated into the well-balanced diet.

4. Lipotrophic (HCG) injections:

The RID HCG injections are prepared and sealed in a sterile laboratory by qualified pharmacists, as is required by law. In order to sustain the body’s normal metabolism, the authentic, stabilised HCG is required at the correct daily dosage. These injections are non-synthetic, bio-identical and compiled for each specific patient.

For the duration of the RID programme, regular appointments are scheduled, and the support of the team goes a long way to support and encourage patients on their journey. Once they’ve got as close to their goal weight as possible, we can then help them perfect their silhouette with our body solutions packages that include in-office treatments to address cellulite, resistant fat, stretchmarks and loose or sagging skin.

To find out more about how to lose weight holistically by addressing every lifestyle aspect to ensure long-term results, visit Body Renewal at

Dr Lestonn Lawn is a general practitioner with a special interest in aesthetic, anti-ageing and cosmetic medicine. He is based in Gauteng and consults from Skin Renewal’s Brooklyn, Irene and Morningside branches.

19 Jan 2021 10:49