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Celebrating tech innovators at the 7th Annual Africa Tech Week Awards - Submit your entry

Topco Media, a leading B2B media, digital and events company, announces the highly anticipated 7th Annual Africa Tech Week Awards, scheduled to take place on 16 May 2024. This premier event, held in Cape Town at the Century City Conference Centre, will spotlight significant technological advancements across the African continent.
Celebrating tech innovators at the 7th Annual Africa Tech Week Awards - Submit your entry

“This year's ceremony will celebrate companies that have demonstrated excellence in innovative product development, as well as individuals who have made meaningful contributions to the tech industry,” says Ralf Fletcher, CEO at Topco Media.

“Our goal is to recognise and honour organisations and individuals who have shown exceptional vision, leadership, and action in driving technological progress in South Africa and beyond,” adds Fletcher.

What past winners and judges had to say

“Africa International Advisors have been proud to be associated with various Topco Media awards, both as participants and judging panel in different awards. I have also been a judge at Africa Tech Week, where Topco continues to play a leading role in the development and recognition of South Africa’s technology talent. We have witnessed the objective judging process, from the clarity of criteria to the robust engagement and debate among judges. All of which contribute to the credibility of Topco’s various awards.” - Reza Suleman, lead: digital and innovation, Africa International Advisors - Africa Tech Week Awards Judge.

“I feel absolutely thrilled to receive this recognition for our contribution to the tech and financial industry. It is encouraging and it highlights the fact that we can leverage technology to solve problems in Africa. We have a mission to empower people and companies to transact in safe innovative ways using innovation and technology, and being recognised is a testament to the work we have been doing and the impact it has been having in Africa.” - Junior K. Biola, co-founder and CEO, Easy Debit Payment Solutions (Pty) Ltd, Digital Transformation Award 2023 winner.

Benefits of participating in the Africa Tech Week Awards

The awards provide a platform for differentiation from competitors, enabling entrants to showcase their unique innovations and accomplishments. Through rigorous evaluation against industry benchmarks, participants gain insights into their performance and areas for improvement.

Beyond earning recognition within the industry, bolstering brand visibility and solidifying leadership positioning, the awards offer extensive PR and media exposure that attracts investors, stakeholders, and top-tier talent. In addition, invaluable connections with industry peers and leaders are formed during the process.

Submit your entry today!

Interested parties can submit their nominations through the Africa Tech Week website. Entries close on 15 April 2024.

The submission process is straightforward, with detailed instructions provided to ensure completeness and accuracy. Please download the application form from the website and email it to az.oc.ocpot@tamuJ.atinrauQ or email her directly for more information.

The Africa Tech Week Awards feature a diverse range of categories, including -

Individual awards

These awards showcase the top individuals, from CEOs to Young Achievers climbing the corporate ladder, as we celebrate leaders who are making a clear impact in the world of empowerment.

Categories to enter: CEO Award, Women in Tech Award and Leader of the Year Award.

Each category celebrates excellence and innovation within specific sectors of the technology industry, providing a comprehensive overview of the groundbreaking work across Africa.

Organisation awards

  • Start-up Award
  • Fintech Award
  • AI Technology Award
  • Retail and E-commerce Award
  • Digital Transformation Award
  • Public Sector Digital Innovator Award
  • Technology Company of the Year Award
  • Security Technology Company Award
  • Edtech Award
  • Healthtech Award
  • Technology Innovation of the Year Award

What you need to know

The entry fee for each submission is R28,500 (excluding VAT and agency fees), with additional benefits for finalists, including top-tier PR exposure and access to exclusive content.

Don't miss this opportunity to showcase your organisation's achievements and be part of Africa's most prestigious technology awards ceremony. Submit your entry today and join us in celebrating innovation, leadership, and technological excellence.

For more information and to submit your entry, please contact az.oc.ocpot@tamuJ.atinrauQ.

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Awards Project Manager

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