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Redefining the workplace at the Future of HR summit

Topco Media has set the stage for an inspiring convergence of thought leaders at the upcoming Future of HR Summit & Awards 2023, taking place at The Maslow Hotel in Sandton from 22 to 23 November, 2023. This two-day summit with the theme Culture 3.0 - Navigating the Future of Work, promises an engaging and insightful experience with a stellar lineup of speakers poised to lead the charge in shaping the future of work and human resources.
Redefining the workplace at the Future of HR summit

Graeme Codrington, a renowned Future of Work expert and CEO of TomorrowToday Global, will kick off the event with a keynote address on 'Redefining the Workplace'. Codrington will delve into the key HR trends that are shaping the future, providing professionals with actionable insights for adapting strategies to the rapidly changing landscape.

Avanthi Maharaj, head of market HR, sub-Saharan Africa at Google, will follow suit with a thought-provoking keynote titled 'Navigating the Next'. Maharaj will explore the paradigm shift in the role of people leaders as organisations undergo rapid transformations, offering a glimpse into the next generation of leadership.

Top speakers also include Yogendra Soobarah, head of people & culture at ABSA Mauritius; Sundrie Naidoo, head of people at Discovery Vitality; Bess Skosana the regional talent leader at MTN; and Celiwe Ross, the director of strategy, sustainability, people and public affairs at Old Mutual Limited and Standard Bank Top Women Business Leader of the Year 2022.

A dynamic programme with actionable insights

“All talk and no action is what many conferences, webinars, seminars and workshops end up becoming if we do not take seriously the lessons from the Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve and other lessons on behaviour change," says Nene Molefi, CEO of Mandate Molefi, also a speaker at the Future of HR summit.

Participants can look forward to fireside discussions on AI reshaping corporations and how to navigate policy for ethical automation and workforce evolution, and understanding the strategies to captivate and retain the next generation of employees, especially Gen Z.

Striking the balance between energy, recovery, and support in workplace performance will be the focus of a compelling case study. Additionally, the importance of embracing a neuro-inclusive culture for unlocking innovation through diverse minds will be explored in another enlightening case study.

A panel discussion on the gig economy paradox will tackle the unique challenges and opportunities arising from the evolving nature of work, where individuals navigate diverse career paths, gig economy roles, and entrepreneurial ventures. The discussion will also shed light on innovative approaches to retirement planning that align with the fluidity of modern careers.

Invaluable support and deep gratitude

The event is made possible with the invaluable support of sponsors including Proconics, Blue Label Telecoms, Mandate Molefi, Gordon Institute of Business Science, BEE 123 (Pty) Ltd, Wits Commercial Enterprise, Fundi Capital, Yulife; and our lifestyle partners, Nestlé and GQ Tissue Products (Pty) Ltd.

As the anticipation builds, the call to action is clear: Book your seat today! Don't miss this unparalleled opportunity to gain insights into the future of HR. Secure your spot by purchasing a ticket here.

The Future of HR Summit & Awards 2023 promises to be a transformative experience, a crucible for the future of work. Be part of the conversation, be part of the future by joining us online for live updates and insights:
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17 Nov 2023 14:13