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#SBTopWomenAwards: Lifetime Achievement awarded to Dr. Anna Mokgokong

This week, Topco Media hosted the 20th annual Top Women Awards in partnership with Standard Bank at the Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg. This awards ceremony bridges the gap between the public and private sectors. Over 10 years ago, Standard Bank South Africa took up the platinum naming rights to the Top Women Awards; and is South Africa's leading awards platform for the advancement of women in leadership.
#SBTopWomenAwards: Lifetime Achievement awarded to Dr. Anna Mokgokong

The event, now celebrating its 20th year anniversary, once again acknowledged the most sustainable and most successful gender empowerment strategies of organisations, across all sectors. Fundamentally, the awards ceremony inspires young entrepreneurial women - the backbone of our future economy - to follow the lead of those who have already carved out their road to success - often during the years, long before gender parity was adopted as a pressing issue on the national stage.

Recognised by Top Women Alumni

The 20th Annual Lifetime Achiever Award, a prestigious accolade that is exclusively bestowed upon an individual selected by the Top Women alumni, was awarded to Dr. Anna Mokgokong. She has not only demonstrated an unwavering commitment to excellence within the corporate realm but has also made significant contributions to the community.

"Tonight, I stand before you deeply humbled and profoundly honoured to accept the 2023 Standard Bank Top Women Awards: Lifetime Achievement Award. This recognition carries with it not just a personal triumph but also a testament to the collective resilience of a nation that has traversed the tumultuous journey from apartheid to democracy,” said Dr. Mokgokong.

#SBTopWomenAwards: Lifetime Achievement awarded to Dr. Anna Mokgokong

Dr. Anna Mokgokong's remarkable journey

Dr. Mokgokong embarked on her journey in the business world with a vision at the age of eight, aspiring to lead a life different from her upbringing. Inspired by her grandfather's success in commercial farming, she harnessed her entrepreneurial spirit. The landscape changed significantly after democracy, inviting her to join the mainstream economy of the country.

A qualified medical doctor with a BSc degree from the University of Botswana, she’s known as an unstoppable force in the fields of Healthcare, Academia, Commerce, and Governance. She made history as the first woman in the country to be bestowed with an honorary doctorate in business, receiving a Doctorate Honoris Causa Commerce from the University of South Africa. Dr. Mokgokong’'s influence extends far beyond the borders of South Africa, and she has been recognised as a leading woman entrepreneur of the world in 1998.

When reflecting on pivotal moments, Dr. Mokgokong emphasises the importance of policy changes after democracy, enabling women's participation in all ventures. Going full-time into business required sacrifices, including downsizing her lifestyle and selling her car to survive and thrive in the business world. She notes, "As a woman in a male-dominated society, I had to navigate through overwhelming odds to establish my presence in the business world."

Beyond corporate accomplishments

Dr. Mokgokong is actively involved in community development through initiatives like the CIH (Community Investment Holdings (Pty) Ltd) Chairman’s fund of which she’s a co-founder.

This fund supports various needy communities and includes successful projects such as AfroCentric training for healthcare workers. She takes immense pride in the success of young girls who have graduated in medical studies, overcoming disenfranchised environments.

She currently holds the esteemed position of Chancellor for the North West University. In addition, Dr. Mokgokong is recognised as a Senior Director of Companies on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, serving on five listed companies, including Afrocentric Investment Corporation, and Adcock Ingram Holdings Limited.

As a trailblazer and role model for aspiring businesswomen, Dr. Mokgokong emphasises the importance of education and continuous upskilling. Her guiding philosophy is embodied by two powerful quotes: "Go big or go home" and the words of Charlotte Maxeke, "As you rise, take someone along."

The Lifetime Achievement Excellence in Business Award celebrates extraordinary businesswomen whose careers have evolved into exceptional legacies. Dr. Mokgokong's visionary acumen, unyielding determination, and enduring perseverance have propelled her to the summit of success, making her a shining example for aspiring leaders everywhere.

We invite you to share in the excitement and extend congratulations on social media to Dr. Anna Mokgokong using #RiseAboveTheNoise #SBTopWomen and #SBTopWomenAwards.

10 Nov 2023 10:57