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Smart Media clinches triple victory at the Shop! Awards

Smart Media, a trailblazer in in-store retail media innovation, has once again secured industry acclaim, earning three prestigious awards at the recent Shop! SA Shopper Marketing Awards. The accolades recognize Smart Media's excellence in Digital & Experiential Campaign, as well as In-store Display & Point of Sale in the Health & Beauty category. The winning solutions—Smart Staff, Smart Q & Shop, and Smart Grab & Go—underscore Smart Media's commitment to transforming the retail landscape.
Smart Media clinches triple victory at the Shop! Awards

Gold glory: Redefining retail with Smart Staff

Smart Media's Digital Training in Retail Environment earned the gold crown in the Digital & Experiential Campaign category. This revolutionary solution redefines how retail staff are trained, enhancing Top of Mind Awareness (TOMA) and customer recommendations. Ditching traditional disruptive training methods like training conferences and in-store visits, Smart Staff delivers digitised, tailored training (in this case to pharmacists), boosting engagement through a mobile training app. By using interactive content, gamification, and data-driven materials staff are equipped to upskill themselves on their own smartphones, at their convenience, when they have the time and headspace to engage with the content. Developed in partnership with Cnnect, the Smart Staff offering has digitally transformed the way retail staff are trained.

Silver success: Smart Q & Shop elevates retail spaces

In the category of in-store Display & Point of Sale, Smart Media clinched silver with the Smart Q & Shop. This innovative retail advertising solution targets Over The Counter (OTC) and dispensary areas, capitalising on high customer traffic and dwell times. Positioned strategically, the Smart Q & Shop integrates seamlessly into the retail store environment, featuring visual touchpoints, stock-keeping units, and a unique secondary product positioning. By leveraging dwell time, the Q & Shop enhances brand visibility, captures attention, and influences purchasing decisions. With benefits such as category exclusivity, measurability, and ease of installation, it's a shining example of Smart Media's commitment to making brands stand out.

Bronze brilliance: Smart Grab & Go elevates checkout experiences

Adding to the accolades, Smart Media secured bronze in the In-store Display & Point of Sale category for the Smart Grab & Go. Positioned strategically in the last mile of the shopping experience, these units entice customers with quick, accessible items at the checkout area. The bespoke specifications, including interchangeable pegs and trays, make Smart Grab & Go adaptable to client requirements. This solution not only speeds up installation but also enhances the shopping experience, driving additional sales for brands.

Celebrating innovation and excellence

Smart Media's triumphant performance at the Shop! SA Shopper Marketing Awards reinforces its position as an industry leader in in-store retail media. These award-winning solutions showcase Smart Media's commitment to transforming retail spaces, making them engaging, efficient, and effective for retailers, FMCG brands and consumers.

About Smart Media

Smart Media is at the forefront of in-store retail media innovation, offering a range of solutions designed to make brands stand out. With a commitment to perceptive, straightforward communication, Smart Media brings life and energy to in-store advertising campaigns. The recent victories at the Shop! SA Shopper Marketing Awards underscore Smart Media's dedication to excellence in transforming the retail landscape. Visit the website here.

23 Nov 2023 09:57