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Driving sales with Smart Media in 2024: In-store advertising solutions in Dis-Chem stores

In today's competitive retail landscape, innovative in-store advertising solutions play a crucial role in driving sales and enhancing brand visibility. Dis-Chem Pharmacies, a prominent retail chain in South Africa, partners with Smart Media, a leading provider of advertising solutions, to offer FMCG brands a powerful arsenal of in-store advertising tools. In this article, we will explore three specific in-store advertising solutions, along with an overview of other offerings provided by Smart Media in Dis-Chem stores.
Driving sales with Smart Media in 2024: In-store advertising solutions in Dis-Chem stores

Smart Digital Windows

The first eye-catching in-store advertising solution offered by Smart Media at Dis-Chem Pharmacies is the Smart Digital Windows. These large digital screens are strategically placed in the store windows, acting as magnets for passersby. The vibrant and dynamic brand messaging displayed on these screens captures the attention of potential customers, enticing them to step inside the store. With high-definition visuals and engaging content, Smart Digital Windows create a lasting impression, making them an excellent tool for increasing footfall and brand awareness.

Driving sales with Smart Media in 2024: In-store advertising solutions in Dis-Chem stores

Smart Grab & Go

Next on the list is the Smart Grab & Go solution, a powerful point-of-purchase advertising tool that also serves as a stock keeping unit (SKU). Placed strategically near the checkout counters, the Smart Grab & Go units allow brands to showcase their products at the moment of purchase decision-making. The attractive displays and compelling calls-to-action prompt customers to make impulse purchases, driving additional sales for featured products. This in-store advertising solution not only enhances brand visibility but also contributes significantly to boosting overall revenue by providing a secondary product placement in the store.

Driving sales with Smart Media in 2024: In-store advertising solutions in Dis-Chem stores

Smart Q & Shop

The Smart Q & Shop solution is another gem in Smart Media's treasure chest of in-store advertising offerings. Dis-Chem stores often witness high dwell times and queues in the over-the-counter (OTC) and dispensary areas of the store. This makes these placements prime real estate for targeted advertising. Smart Q & Shop units transform regular queuing infrastructure into captivating advertising mediums, providing a seamless and engaging shopping experience for customers waiting in line. The SKU capabilities, providing secondary product placements, offer brands the ability to leverage these moments of high consumer attention to maximise exposure and drive increased rates of sales.

Additional in-store advertising solutions by Smart Media

Apart from the three highlighted solutions, Smart Media provides a comprehensive range of other advertising opportunities within Dis-Chem Pharmacies.

Static windows: These eye-catching displays placed at strategic locations capture the attention of shoppers and passersby, promoting featured products and special offers.

Dispensary light boxes and posters: Advertising in the dispensary area allows brands to target customers who typically experience a high dwell time, making it an ideal space for product messaging.

Beepa sleeves: These innovative sleeves wrap around existing security infrastructure. Turning dull, unused space into a key touchpoint for brands to engage consumers as they enter the store.

Double-sided digital banners: Positioned throughout the store, these dynamic digital banners ensure maximum exposure and engagement with customers as they peruse the aisles.

Digital shelf strips: Utilising digital shelf strips enables brands to provide additional product information and brand messaging right where the purchasing decision is being made.

Smart-Cnnect learning management system: This innovative platform empowers brands and retailers to ensure that store staff are well-informed about the products they sell, delivering a superior shopping experience for customers.

The benefits of in-store advertising
Marketing & Media
The benefits of in-store advertising

Smart Media  9 Mar 2023

In-store advertising solutions are the backbone of successful retail marketing campaigns. With Smart Media's wide array of advertising offerings in Dis-Chem locations across the country, brands can effectively drive sales, enhance brand visibility, and create memorable shopping experiences for customers. The solutions Smart Media provides capitalise on key customer touch points, making them indispensable tools in a brand's marketing toolkit. By leveraging Smart Media's advertising solutions, brands can secure a competitive edge in the highly dynamic retail landscape and achieve significant sales growth.

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3 Aug 2023 10:53