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5 ways tech can boost sales this Black Friday

#BlackFriday: Using tech to boost sales and profitability

The silly season of Black Friday shopping is upon us and with the cost of living increasing all around, consumers can do with some reprieve.

Retailers are pulling out all the stops to maximise sales and profitability, with this in mind, here are some top tech solutions to help boost the sales of businesses.

  1. Data driven insights - to accelerate opportunities
  2. A data-driven sales strategy uses the data collected during the sales interactions with consumers to help improve marketing efforts and success. The data collected helps to personalise sales messaging, better anticipate the needs of customers, and create repeatable success in the form of brand loyalty and increased sales.

  3. Sales training on the go
  4. The Smart-Cnnect app delivers convenient staff training with a variety of learning and communication options. The platform features an interactive training environment with a gamified approach that makes the experience more fun and engaging. Since the launch of the application, it has achieved incredible results for both brands and retailers.

  5. In-store advertising
  6. Increasing brand awareness matters the most when it comes to influencing consumers purchasing decisions. When consumers are well-informed, they’re more inclined to choose your product. Dynamic digital in-store advertising captures the attention of the consumer while they’re browsing product selections or waiting in line. This idle-time is precious to grabbing their attention and making a good impression.

  7. Virtual shopping assistants
  8. Virtual shopping assistants may still be too futuristic for South Africans. That said, there are a few brands that have adopted this sales tool locally, with good results. This takes customer service to the next level and may very well be what gets your business ahead of the curve. This software solution generally performs a variety of tasks, including answering questions and making product recommendations.

  9. 360-degree digital marketing campaigns
  10. Making sure you reach customers and potential customers at their frequently-visited touchpoints during the day nurtures them to purchasing your product. We’re a tech-friendly population and most of our interactions during the day involves our phones, travelling, accessing information and communicating with loved ones. Through simplified, regular and relevant communications you are able to build relationships with your target audience, and people are far more likely to buy from where they are most comfortable.

22 Nov 2021 15:01


About the author

Mark Uria is the CEO at Smart Media.