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How consumers choose where they shop

Have you ever gone shopping and get one of those wobbly, off-kilter trolleys that makes you want to leave everything and just get out of there ASAP? There are several considerations a consumer deems important for their in-store shopping experience. Retailers have had to quickly adapt with innovative ways to ensure they are meeting shoppers' needs.
How consumers choose where they shop

Here are some of the ways in which consumers choose where to shop:

1. Care

Health and hygiene has skyrocketed and has become every shopper’s number one priority. This has led to a heightened emphasis on health and safety measures in store. Conventional shopping baskets and trolleys harbour a significant number of bacteria, yeasts, moulds and germs. The treatment of our shopping baskets and trolleys eliminates a total of 99.99% of these, which avoids the transfer between shoppers.

2. Cost

According to Accenture’s Covid-19 Consumer Pulse Research—Wave 7, 54% of consumers are shopping more cost-consciously and likely to continue doing so. They recommend introducing or increasing the number of options of mid-range brands to meet demand. Retailers are also now more cost conscious and are investing in products of quality and that last longer in-store. Smart Cart offers a factory guarantee of six months on their baskets and two years on their shopping trolleys, which is longer than other competitors.

3. Convenience

Prioritising a frictionless shopping experience will always be well worth the investment for your customers. From the moment they grab a basket or trolley, set foot in store to the time they pay, a convenient in-store shopping experience guarantees repeat business. Smart Cart’s 360° loop cart trolley was developed to give shoppers maximum mobility and comfort.

Consumers have developed new shopping habits and this gives retailers an opportunity to become more innovative, to ensure future success.

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About Smart Cart

Smart Cart is a division of Smart Media operating primarily in the retail sector selling retail equipment. These shopping products are intended for the use of retailers to enhance their customers’ in-store experience such as shopping trolleys or baskets. Smart Cart have partnered with Araven who are a world leader of solutions for carrying shopping in stores. As the sole distributor of Araven’s products in sub-Saharan Africa, we’ve enjoyed a longstanding partnership due to the nature and quality of these specialised products.

Providing truly world-class shopping products means investing in quality backed by science. Our offering may carry a higher initial investment but the return on that investment is striking and measurable when compared with cheaper alternatives. Our products help retailers increase their sales as well as improve the customer’s shopping experience. From ergonomic baskets that are small and convenient rolling comfortably behind you to agile trolleys that corner like well-engineered machines and are incredibly fun to manoeuvre. We’ve supplied some of South Africa’s largest retailers for many years, continuing to service every new store that opens because our products are synonymous with the exceptional quality and iconic in-store experience their customers have come to expect.

18 Feb 2021 09:31


About the author

Ruschdi Taliep, business development - products at Smart Cart