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Wunderman Thompson SA named finalist in the Business Culture Awards

"At Wunderman Thompson SA, we're committed to actively building a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace where people are treated with dignity and respect. We work to inspire growth for ambitious people, so when we were named a finalist of the 'Leading with Purpose for Business Culture' category, we were elated," expressed agency chief people officer, Unati Moalusi.
Wunderman Thompson SA named finalist in the Business Culture Awards

The international Business Culture Awards is a platform that recognises and celebrates forward-thinking organisations that enable their employees to succeed and shape employee engagement for greater business performance.

Moalusi added: “The shortlisting is significant in that the war for talent continues to rise and being acknowledged as a people-centric business is needed now more than ever.”

Agency CEO Miles Murphy said: “Our work this year is a testament to our genuine intention to be an employer of choice. This recognition amplifies our workplace culture as a true differentiator and will serve the agency further to attract, retain and develop our talent.”

Unati Moalusi, chief people officer at Wunderman Thompson
Unati Moalusi, chief people officer at Wunderman Thompson

When Covid-19 hit the world, conversations around life, work, and the future changed. Very quickly, it was evident that a new people strategy was required; one with a collaborative approach to help our employees create a healthy and exciting culture and work experience. As such, Wunderman Thompson South Africa 2022 People Strategy was themed ‘The Year of the Employee – a revised employee value proposition (EVP)’.

Dubbing 2022 ‘The Year of the Employee’ emphasised the employee and forced agency leadership to consider the shift caused by the pandemic and the lens applied in handling the EVP.

The agency’s efforts continue to be about leading with intention and purpose, and it achieves that by collaborating with employees. A ‘leaning into employees’ nurtures a workplace where staff feel they can thrive. Wunderman Thompson SA takes its people’s feedback on areas of strength and development to heart, putting measures in place to find suitable solutions.

Moalusi shared: “The Year of the Employee is a catalyst for positive and enduring change. Positioning our employees at the heart of all 2022 initiatives has gained the company buy-in from its employees. Our latest employee survey indicates high levels of engagement. Employees feel valued and heard whilst also seeing leadership being demonstrated authentically and genuinely.”

“We also have clear feedback on areas of improvement, some of which we’ve begun implementing. Our approach has been purpose-led and has allowed our leadership to show up in an authentic and genuine way. During times of change and uncertainty, this purpose is strongly anchoring for employees, customers, and other stakeholders, fostering a sense of belonging, ownership and responsibility, and we have certainly experienced this thus far,” described Murphy.

The competition this year has been fierce, so it is a fantastic achievement to be shortlisted and a testament to the quality of our efforts. Creating a healthy and exciting environment where people can freely give their best and fosters personal growth is the ultimate end goal, and we are well underway.

12 Oct 2022 09:19