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Wunderman Thompson gets unplugged

Wunderman Thompson SA has decided to mark 15 June 2020 as an Unplugged Day. As this day falls on a Monday before a national public holiday, the agency has granted its more than 500 staff a long weekend to allow them to rest and recharge without distractions from work.
Wunderman Thompson gets unplugged

The agency’s chief people officer, Unati Moalusi, recognised the complexities and pressures of working remotely during Covid-19’s lockdown. She explained: “Our team has demonstrated a real sense of positivity and efficiency in adapting to, and juggling professional and personal responsibilities such as working, home-schooling, becoming a caregiver to elderly parents and house-keeping.”

She further added: “We’ve noticed the blurred line between work life and home life and want to help our staff manage their health and wellbeing. Apart from offering them a day off to have some time out, we’ve also encouraged them to take regular breaks and limit working out-of-office hours and over weekends. In addition, we’ve also encouraged our staff to continue making use of our existing wellness programme as part of their self-care.”

Agency CEO, Miles Murphy, informed all senior clients of this initiative and has received their full support. He shared: “Our commitment to our clients is a priority. And their support of this initiative has been phenomenal. This experiment with distributed working has been a real success for us, our staff, our clients and the quality of work we produce. And I’m confident that as we ease out of lockdown many of our staff will want to be able to continue to work remotely. So we want to get ahead of the curve and make sure our colleagues are fully supported.”

Wunderman Thompson SA has been built through the combination of some of the best and most iconic businesses in the SA marketing landscape. Entrepreneurial leaders started each entity with drive and unique culture. The agency’s leadership aims to channel that energy and passion for maintaining a sense of ‘being in this together.’ This initiative, and many others that the agency implements, is testament to this.

About Wunderman Thompson 

At Wunderman Thompson, we exist to inspire growth for ambitious brands. Part creative agency, part consultancy and part technology company, our experts provide end-to-end capabilities at a global scale to deliver inspiration across the entire brand and customer experience.  

We are 20,000 strong in 90 markets around the world, and in South Africa we are one of the largest integrated marketing services agencies with over 600 professionals. Our people bring together creative storytelling, diverse perspectives, inclusive thinking, and highly specialised vertical capabilities, to drive growth for our clients. We offer deep expertise across the entire customer journey, including communications, commerce, consultancy, CRM, CX, data, production and technology.

Wunderman Thompson is a WPP agency (NYSE: WPP).  

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15 Jun 2020 08:37