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MegaVision invests in the future

In challenging economic climates, such as we are experiencing at the moment, it is important for all businesses, small to medium ones in particular, to be more prudent and make decisions focused on growth potential. Part of MegaVision Media's growth strategy was opening up the Small Works unit which has been running successfully now for six months.
Ronald, Petrus, Shamiela, William, John and Chris
Ronald, Petrus, Shamiela, William, John and Chris
The objective of the Small Works space is to be able to produce the best quality frames and signage in-house, offering better turnaround times for our clients. Our philosophy is that if we can lower the cost of production by owning the assets, we will be able to pass on these cost savings to our clients.

The Small Works Unit is run by our lead flighting team. "We see this operation as a great opportunity to further the skillsets of our employees who have been with the company for many years," says Martin Rosen, MD of MegaVision Media. We produce all types of frames and signage and we will be using the space to focus on new product development to enhance our branding efforts at store level.

22 Jun 2018 10:28