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Master mobile marketing in 2020 with Techsys Digital

Many are calling 2020 the Year of Mobile. And it's no surprise, with the twenties set to see phones (finally) go 5G, and the Mobile World Congress launching many of the year's top smartphones. South Africa's smartphone penetration sits at over 80% of the population, so it's no wonder that businesses and marketers have recognised that a mobile-first approach is the best option for communicating and engaging with consumers.
Master mobile marketing in 2020 with Techsys Digital

Once you realise that mobile marketing is your brand in your consumers’ pocket, the next thing to consider is who do you trust to present you in the best possible way on mobile? Most agencies direct you to the platforms they work with, whether that’s SMS, USSD or WhatsApp. The difference with Techsys Digital is that years of experience have made the Cape Town-based agency highly proficient across all mobile platforms. Taking your brand and your target market into account, Techsys selects the right mobile platform for your campaign, and devises the most appropriate strategy to help meet your objectives and deliver ROI.

The personal relationship we all have with our phones means that if a brand communicates with us in ways we don’t like, it really turns us off. But when a brand gets it right, they endear themselves to us and massively foster brand affinity and engagement. Techsys works with you to deliver the right message on the right platform. With more than ten years’ experience, Techsys has mastered how to improve a brand’s opportunity to be their consumers’ hero.

Housing a strong team of developers, and an on-going legacy of tech innovation, Techsys’ robust tech stack enables brands to acquire consumers, engage with them effortlessly, and then enrich the consumer data. Incoming data, for instance, is pushed into Techsys’ in-house CRM software, where it can be cleaned, processed and analysed safely and in compliance with PoPI. Messages can be scheduled across platforms, A/B testing can help determine the most ideal copy, your audience can be segmented, and third-party integration is seamless. Detailed reporting can dig down into key metrics such as engagement levels, timelines of engagement, and audience demographics.

As a full-stack digital agency, Techsys understands that mobile marketing is located in the larger digital landscape, and a multi-channel approach typically leads to the best results. The technical prowess of Techsys enables the integration of channels to develop a more 360-degree view of your customers and the ways they engage with you. Looking for a partner to facilitate your brand’s conversation with consumers? Look no further.

Find out more about our WhatsApp offering, try our WhatsApp demos, or download this handy PDF.

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15 Jan 2020 12:02