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Succeed at social media marketing with Namibia's V5 Digital Academy

Leading Namibian agency V5 Digital has partnered with D.O. Digital Academy to bring Namibians affordable online courses that enable participants to unlock the power of digital.

In a world in which 76% of people believe marketing has changed more in the past two years than it did in the previous fifty[1], it’s more critical than ever for students and professionals to stay up-to-date with the latest training from experts working in the world of digital marketing.

What makes D.O. Digital Academy stand out from the pack is the on-the-ground support participants receive from the Windhoek-based V5 Digital team, who thoroughly understand the Namibian digital landscape and the opportunities it presents for marketers. V5 Digital is the Namibian partner agency of Cape Town-based Techsys Digital. This agency-driven approach means that course content is up-to-the-minute, with hints and hacks updated constantly by industry experts.

Why study digital and social media marketing through D.O. Digital rather than traditional institutions? The video on-demand format of lessons means that you can study at your own pace, whenever and wherever you like. The distractions and pitfalls of a classroom environment are absent, and you can pause, rewind or fast forward at any point.

Succeed at social media marketing with Namibia's V5 Digital Academy

Since you’ll be working at your own speed, there’s no need to worry about being left behind. There are additional resources to help you gain a greater perspective on the subject at hand. This is also ideal for participants who like to delve deeper into specific content areas. You’ll be thoroughly engaged as course content incorporates not only video, but also presentation walk-throughs, downloadable PDF’s, and interactive quizzes.

The first course to launch is an Introduction to Social Media Marketing, which empowers anyone from intern to executive level with knowledge on how best to leverage each platform. Over the eight-week course you’ll grow from masterclasses in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. You’ll understand what goes into developing a sound social media strategy to market products and services, and how you can measure and optimise for success.

Succeed at social media marketing with Namibia's V5 Digital Academy

The course ends with a one-hour exam to consolidate your learning and reward you with an agency-backed certificate of digital excellence. The course is enjoying great reviews and highly positive feedback from participants.

Ready to succeed at marketing brands on social media? Enrol with D.O. Digital Academy powered by V5 Digital and take your social media savvy to the next level. Normal pricing is N$2500, however we are offering Bizcommunity readers a 50% launch discount, using the discount code: BizCommunityLaunch.

For further queries or a consultation, contact V5 Digital:

Mobile: +264-81-2949876

Email: latigid.5v@nimra


1 Feb 2019 12:19