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Entravision 365 Digital brings mobile app performance solutions to African markets

Entravision 365 Digital, a leading African advertising solutions, media and ad-technology company, announced today that it brings a mobile app promotion (MAP) solution to the African market. With the launch of MAP, the business will be providing the support and provision for mobile user acquisition and branding solutions for mobile applications using advanced advertising technologies.
Entravision 365 Digital brings mobile app performance solutions to African markets

According to an Appsflyers report, Africa has one of the fastest digital adoption rates in the world, making the app market primed for success now and into the future. Moreover, the start-up culture is prominent across a diverse range of industries in Africa and the app market is no exception, with a digital marketplace with nearly 500 million digitally connected consumers.

The growing importance of mobile platforms is making the digitisation of companies increasingly essential. Digital marketing, which includes mobile marketing, is the one that has gained the most prominence in the last decade. According to the Mobile Economy Report, 615 million people in sub-Saharan Africa will subscribe to mobile services by 2025, that’s equivalent to 50% of the region’s population.

Importantly, the sub-Saharan African customer is young, tech-savvy and digitally connected. By bringing MAP to African markets, Entravision’s evolution continues into a leading marketing technology service provider in the world’s highest growth economies.

“We are proud to offer the best choice to shape up branding and acquisition campaigns and retain users to the maximum. Our performance solutions are tailored to deliver quality within a brand safe environment. Our proprietary technology and growth experts team are behind each step of the campaign, analysing and optimising to achieve our client’s growth goals. From start-up to unicorn, we’ll walk them through their journey of success.” – Julian Jordaan, CEO of Entravision 365 Digital

Today's branding campaigns come with multiple KPI’s across brand safety and performance delivery. Entravision 365 Digital is integrated with all the leading ad exchanges, giving brands access to local and global premium publishers at scale, and are 100% committed to providing their clients with total brand safety, transparency, and real-time actionable insights.

A recent State of Mobile 2022 report stated that in South Africa the total number of mobile apps downloaded in 2021 reached a staggering 720m that’s a +6% increase year on year with the annual consumer spend on mobile apps topping $250m for the year ending 2021. With a population nearing 60m people and some of the highest rates of smartphone penetration in Africa, South Africa has established itself as one of the most intriguing players in the African mobile app market.

“It is important that brands avoid saturation and a decrease in quality users by diversifying their promotional channels. We give brands a complete solution for all their mobile advertising needs. Cross-channel advertising creates more touch points for advertisers and brands to engage with their customers and increases overall performance.” – Ryan Bolt, MAP business lead at Entravision 365 Digital.

Scale your mobile business with Entravision 365 Digital, your mobile growth partner.

14 Jul 2022 08:43