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365 Digital inks exclusive deal with Punch Nigeria

365 Digital is thrilled to announce its partnership with major Nigerian digital news publisher, Punch Nigeria. The move is set to improve brands' access to premium sub-Saharan inventory through the use of the latest in programmatic buying methods.
365 Digital inks exclusive deal with Punch Nigeria

Reflecting on this exciting new positioning, Commercial Director of 365 Digital, Julian Jordaan, said, "We're thrilled to welcome Punch Nigeria on board as a Premier Publisher. Our aim is to demystify African inventory and offer it to advertisers, agencies and their trading desks in a way that ensures integrity, performance and transparency throughout the supply chain. Advertisers looking to purchase premium display and video inventory in sub-Saharan Africa have had a tough job in the past due to factors like the shortage of programmatic inventory and brand safety concerns. This has driven advertisers to either running campaigns on RTB exchanges or not making use of SSA publisher inventory at all. Our goal is to change that, starting with a great publisher like Punch Nigeria."

Punch is a powerhouse in local digital media, reaching 6.5 million Nigerians a month (Unique Users) with an average of around 60.5 million pageviews. Advertisers can now run display and in-stream video campaigns across the site, coupled with valuable 1st party audience segments.

Unlocking true potential

Strategic partnerships such as these will accelerate progress towards addressing the brand safety issues facing African digital media today while layering on new revenue streams for publishers such as audience data segmentation and sales. As Premier Google Network Partners, 365's mission to unlock the true potential of African media through ad tech enablement and fomenting deeper interchange between emerging industry players across the continent.

For more publisher information please contact az.oc.latigid563@orhteJ.

28 Feb 2019 14:57


About the author

Jethro Fitz-Patrick is Publisher Services Manager at 365 Digital.