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365 Digital partners with to create value for advertisers

365 Digital, an end-to-end publisher solutions company, welcomes onto their consortium of premier publishers.
Zkhiphani at the Black Panther Premier in Johannesburg
Zkhiphani at the Black Panther Premier in Johannesburg

Derived from isiZulu slang, Zkhiphani loosely translated means “What’s happening?”. Zkhiphani is one of South Africa’s largest urban youth lifestyle online publications. With their focus being on entertainment, events and celebrity news, this publisher knows how to grasp the attention of its audience.

Zkhiphani is the only local publisher of its kind that is listed on Effective Measure and has been registered with the IAB. This already sets them apart from other publishers as they are working hard to provide transparency and a brand safe environment for advertisers.

As part of Google's Premium Network Partners in South Africa, 365 Digital is continuously seeking ways to improve the online advertising landscape in South Africa. Representing top publishers such as Shazam and EWN, as well as premium niche sites like Vibescout and Food-Blog, 365 Digital does not show partiality and seeks to educate, assist and partner with publishers large and small.

“While our inventory has great variety and represents a large portion of South Africa’s demographic, an urban youth lifestyle is a vertical we are pressing into this quarter” says Publisher Services Manager, Oreeditse Gill.

With movements like #FeesMustFall and free tertiary education becoming a reality it is hard to ignore the power the youth voice has in South Africa.

Advertisers wanting to connect to this audience can now do so with 365 Digital through direct and programmatic channels. Having built South Africa’s first Programmatic Private Marketplace (PMP), 365 Digital is able to add a second monetisation tier to Zkhiphani’s already successful direct relationships. The PMP allows Agencies and Trading Desks access to Zkhiphani’s online inventory programmatically in a brand safe environment. This allows for transparency and efficiency for both the publisher and the advertiser.

The big upside for Zkhiphani is that they can focus their efforts on content creation and user experience while leaving the programmatic enablement and monetisation up to the 365 Digital team.

365 Digital partners with to create value for advertisers
365 Digital partners with to create value for advertisers

6 Mar 2018 10:33