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Tang encourages restaurants to take the lead on Covid-19 vaccinations to help bring the economy back

Although lockdown restrictions on sit-down restaurants were recently lifted, Tang has made the decision to remain closed during this time, owing to the strict protocols limiting patrons to no more than 50 at a time, which would deprive patrons of the full Tang experience.
Tang encourages restaurants to take the lead on Covid-19 vaccinations to help bring the economy back
“Although we do continue to face tremendous pressure on our business and acknowledge the impact remaining closed has on the livelihood of our staff, we do believe that as a responsible corporate citizen we need to make every effort we can to help reduce the rise in infections. As a corporate citizen, we do also believe that we can play a proactive role in further helping to reduce infections – and thereby help salvage our economy," says Nicky van der Walt, owner.

Extensive research has shown that vaccines are an effective tool in building herd immunity and minimising the spread of the virus.

According to the South African government, vaccinations provide protection by reducing the risk of infection or the severity of their symptoms. Vaccinations are also seen to assist with ‘population immunity'.

“The pace of vaccinations needs to increase – and, as a small business, we recognise the role we can play in encouraging our team members and our community to prioritise vaccination. That is why we have established an education programme to emphasise the importance and safety of the vaccine amongst all Tang staff. In addition, as an incentive, we are offering all team members who are fully vaccinated a bonus of R500, as part of our mission to achieve 100% vaccination at Tang,” adds Van der Walt.

Van der Walt believes that this initiative will help the food industry get back to business during these difficult times, and that it will encourage and challenge other restaurants across South Africa to do the same.


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20 Jul 2021 13:39