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Top fashionistas and celebs reveal their wardrobe secrets in a sparkling new YouTube series, Skip Power of 5

Guess which seasoned beauty queen admits that her style hasn't changed - it just got more expensive? Does one of the country's most formidable TV stars do her own laundry? And how does a hunky crooner make sure his threads stay in mint condition.
Throw in a top fashionista’s tips for what to wear this season and the insider track on how one rising blogger has become a fashion disruptor: Welcome to Skip Power of 5, a sparkling new YouTube show that explores how the story of our lives is wrapped up in the clothes we wear.

Hosted by the effervescent Phuti Khomo, the five-part series premiered on the online video-sharing platform YouTube on Friday, 20 November 2020.

The fun and fast-paced talk show sees Phuti invites her guests to pull up a seat to tell her about their approach to style and how what they wear allows them to amplify their individuality.

Skip Power of 5 is an innovative move by the garment care expert to encourage us to harness the power of our clothes to reflect who we are.

Launched in the country when the very first washing machines were introduced, for over 55 years Skip has been recognised for its expertise in laundry. South Africans have come to expect the premium detergent brand to offer them the most up-to-date, technologically advanced products to care for their clothes.

Its newest offering, Skip Anti-Ageing* Detergent, with Fibre Care technology™ and age protection enzymes, penetrates deep into the fibres of your clothes, coating the fabric and protecting each and every strand to give your wardrobe true Anti-Ageing power.

Skip Power of 5 hopes viewers will be inspired to preserve their individuality by keeping their clothes new for longer.

Over the course of the five-part series, Khomo chats to one of the country’s biggest names, TV host, DJ and businesswoman Lerato Kganyago; singer Chad Saaiman; award-winning lifestyle guru Aisha Baker and fashion trailblazer Thameenah Saint.

You can watch the Skip Power of 5 series by clicking here

Keep an eye out for the following episodes:
  • 27 November – episode two with Aisha Baker
  • 4 December – episode three with Lerato Kganyago
  • 11 December – episode four with Thameenah Saint
  • 18 December – episode five with Chad Saaiman

About Skip

Skip washing powder was the first automatic washing powder in South Africa. It was launched in the 1960s – when the first washing machines were introduced in South Africa.

As a garment care expert, consumers have not only come to trust Skip; they also expect Skip to continually offer them the most up-to-date, technologically advanced products on the market to care for their clothes. Skip is a premium brand with a premium offering, delivering cleaning power and specialising in caring for clothes.

Skip is the technology expert which prides itself in its ability to help clothes stay new for longer.

Skip with Fibre Care Technology™ has been carefully formulated to help fight the five signs of clothes ageing*, including:
  • Stubborn stains
  • Yellowing whites
  • Colours fading
  • Bobbles
  • Roughness

*Five benefits based on lab tests on select fabrics. Results may vary.


27 Nov 2020 10:56