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Make Your Move during the Month of Love with Closeup

Proving that the only gap between making eye contact that could lead to the first kiss with your crush this Valentine's Day, no matter the barriers you face are found in the freshness of your breath.
Make Your Move during the Month of Love with Closeup
As we build up to the most romantic calendar day of the year, Closeup toothpaste is ensuring consumers 12 hours of fresh breath and the confidence they need to get close up to others. Closeup's “Make Your Move” challenge is back, bigger and fresher than before as this year the challenge spans across all races, cultures and preferences, putting love to the test and breaking all barriers.

This Valentine's Day Closeup has upped the ante by challenging couples to break barriers with its latest campaign called “Make Your Move”. Closeup Senior PR Manager Sphelele Mjadu says, “We believe that mutual attraction should know no boundaries and that we should expand the definition of the word ‘couple’.” Whether boy meets girl, boy and boy or girl and girl, that lasting freshness kiss is all that matters on February 14. Through the “Make Your Move” social media challenge, hopeful candidates will step out of their comfort zone by declaring their undying love to their prospective Valentine.

Partnering up with three of the country’s most talked about fresh face influencers on TV, Mzansi Magic actor/presenter and YouTube sensation Moshe Ndikwe, Voov TV presenter and controversial vlogger Lasizwe Dambuza, together with the vibrant actress and Club 808 presenter, Bontle Modiselle. The trio will spearhead the social media aspects of the campaign through posting their own flirt tips on how to make your move by breaking barriers in finding love and companionship with their crush.

The campaign is indeed a positive and inspiring statement about building a more open society. Getting physically close to someone is the best feeling in the world. From the electrifying brushing of skin to skin to the intense anticipation of the first kiss: CloseUp believes that this is what life should be made of. Why should things like race, gender, social status, sexual preference, or religion get in the way of mutual attraction?

So, don’t just double-tap on the post, tag your crush and #MakeYourMove with Closeup’s intensely fresh toothpaste gels that give you the confidence to break barriers, who knows what mouth-bursting revelations this might bring and for those who need a more brittle approach visit @Closeup_SA on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to see the Closeup videos and join the #makeyourmove, #breakingbarriers conversation. This year Closeup is hosting with the biggest Valentine's Day parties from around the country. Win tickets to these events, and a grand prize to Mozambique will be given away on Closeup social media channels to fans who break barriers and get close up to their crushes. The only thing you have to lose is bad breath.

8 Feb 2018 14:35