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Announcement of the Association's new Africa Regional Board

Following a call for nominations and elections for the first Africa Regional Board under the Association, Badibanga Promesse, Regional Vice-President, is pleased to announce that the following people have accepted their election and appointment to the new Africa Regional Board.

Badi Promesse

South Africa

Appointed (Regional Vice President and Secretary)

Daniel Luswili


Chairman Appointed

Swati Nathwani


Vice Chair Appointed

Andrew Akoto



Babatunde Osho



Dennis McCarthy

South Africa


Henry Botha

South Africa


Jordan Chipatala



Kimeshnee Gounden

South Africa

Appointed Student

Mumba Kalifungwa



Sibongile Yaka

South Africa

Appointed Student

The Chairman and Vice Chairman will serve one year terms in such capacities with the Vice Chairman ascending to become the Chair. The members of the Regional Boards can serve a maximum of three consecutive one year terms to provide continuity while also creating additional opportunities for a large and diverse stakeholder group to serve.

The Regional Boards serve as a key conduit between the customers and stakeholders in the regions and the Association and CGMA Board of Directors. They serve as the ‘eyes and ears’ of the profession from their individual and (geographical) representative perspective in:

  • identifying key macro and micro trends in the local marketplaces impacting the customers and stakeholders

  • understanding emerging issues with supply and demand of students and members, employers, universities and tuition providers

  • understanding the demand and potential value proposition of products and offerings along the entire value chain continuum

  • representing, engaging, presenting and advocating for the CGMA designation within the CIMA and AICPA membership bodies and the Association with members, customers and potential members and potential customers

  • providing perspective into the development of the Association’s and management accounting professional unit’s three year strategic plan.

"I look forward to some exciting time under the Association and cannot wait to get things in motion and provide excellent services to our members and students in Africa," says Badibanga Promesse, Regional Vice President, Africa.

21 Jul 2017 15:32