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Future-proof your job or start a new career with an IIE postgraduate diploma at Vega

Globally, postgraduate diplomas are gaining traction in the tertiary education space as the business world seeks individuals who are versatile, multi-skilled and creative problem-solvers. Tertiary institutions are offering postgraduate diplomas to those seeking a broader skill set and multidimensional thinking.
Future-proof your job or start a new career with an IIE postgraduate diploma at Vega
Working professionals have frequently shifted career focus over time and seek qualifications that are not necessarily aligned to their undergraduate studies but are relevant in a broader business and brand context. Students who have recently qualified in an area of specialisation frequently wish to add broader skills to enhance their opportunities for employment.

Vega has launched a Postgraduate Diploma in Brand Contact Management which will commence in 2018. The qualification is delivered at Honours level and at the equivalent NQF8 on the National Qualifications Framework. The PGDip also gives students the opportunity to enter into a master’s degree programme.

Unlike an Honours degree, which is primarily academic and deepens the student’s engagement with the field of specialisation studied at undergraduate level, the PGDip facilitates cross-disciplinary engagement and makes the student more versatile in terms of employment options. Brand and Brand Building is critical to any field, from the individual entrepreneur looking to self-brand or brand a new enterprise, to the psychologist who wishes to enter the business world of consumer insight research and development, to the pharmacist wishing to tackle the corporate world of pharmaceutical brand management and marketing.

Graduates who have qualifications in diverse areas of specialisation will be introduced to the concepts and differences between branding and marketing, and the critical roles of brand identity, brand architecture and brand equity in building business equity. Brand strategy will be discussed in context of product management, strategic pricing and the shared value chain. Tools for brand contact management and communication will be utilised in building brand and communications plans. Students will also engage with research and produce a comprehensive paper.

Industry experts in appropriate fields will add value to class discussions and will share best practice scenarios and case studies.

Find your Purpose at Vega and apply for a Postgraduate Diploma in Brand Contact Management.

3 Nov 2017 16:28


Steven Landers
Steven Landers
Where else is the diploma valid?
Posted on 12 Dec 2017 12:49