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Short courses can offer an alternative route to a quick career path

Education which balances critical thinking with practical application enables young learners to fulfill their full potential and lends itself to immediate application in the workplace. This style of education lends itself even more to the short form of education.
Short courses can offer an alternative route to a quick career path
Shevon Lurie, managing director of Vega School, says that at the core of its thinking in the current business environment, is that full flexibility is required in education if educational institutions are to successfully plug the skills gap and reduce unemployment levels. “Education for every stage of an individual’s development has to be available and specifically tailored. This has to include full time study for those that can afford it, and for those who cannot, there are part-time degree courses, higher diploma and short courses.”

Vega School, an educational brand of The Independent Institute of Education (The IIE), aims to develop people with valuable skills which cater for everything from entering the job market, to developing managers and leaders through its graduate and post-graduate courses. “We work with learners at all levels to facilitate the necessary critical thinking skills to prepare them for the future,” continues Lurie.

Short courses are an invaluable component of the mix. Entering the workforce is typically the first challenge learners face, and it can be the toughest hurdle. Lurie explains that a short course provides you with practical skills which can assist anyone to be immediately employable, or for someone keen to make a career switch.

“Depending on your circumstances, an academic qualification may not be initially possible for you. With thousands of matriculants entering the job market in 2017, you need to make your CV stand out with something extra. Short courses offer exactly that. They are designed for those wishing to rapidly acquire and apply the core skills of a chosen career. As such, these courses can offer the best value for money in the early stages of your career,” adds Lurie.

Vega School has a series of short courses which will offer individuals entry into a number of brand-related fields. The five courses are in Brand & Marketing Management (16 weeks), Digital Brand Strategy (12 weeks), Desktop Publishing & Design (15 weeks), Web Design (15 weeks), and Copywriting (14 weeks).

Short courses are a coordinated response by Vega School to the skills shortage faced by the country, and growing unaffordability of full-suite tertiary education by many families.

“The attraction of these short courses is that they combine a market-proven form of education with a unique style of learning, targeting the fast-growing subject of brand leadership. Graduates find themselves in high demand within the industry,” says Lurie.

Each course consists of an integrated programme where the focus is squarely on the development of concepts and skills pertinent to performance in the workplace. Individuals who complete a short course will exit the course with a professional creative edge over their peers.

“Positions in the various short courses are still available, and interested parties should apply as soon as possible,” concludes Lurie.

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6 Apr 2017 16:34