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Get into the groove with Smile 90.4FM

Smile 90.4FM is going to get you dancing on the ceiling, with simply the best hits of the 80s. We're playing more of not only your favourite 80s hits, but also those songs you've forgotten you love.
Get into the groove with Smile 90.4FM

The 80s may be just a decade, but for some, it was a time of some of the best movies, TV shows, and fashion of all time, however one aspect that stands the test of time, and throughout any decade, is the music. The 80s brought us music that could be identified with just one line, music that still resonates today because of the emotion in the voices, its creativity…a decade of music that was unapologetically fun and one we unashamedly loved, and still do.

Whether you had Whitney, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Prince, Lionel Richie or Tina Turner on repeat, these artists and their songs have solidified a spot on our playlists and proved that the ’80s was not just a decade, but a state of mind.

“The 80s is undoubtedly the greatest musical decade and no other radio station in Cape Town plays more 80s music than Smile 90.4FM. Every weekday from 9am to 3pm, we give you 50 minutes of non-stop music while you work – now with even more of your favourite 80s,” said Smile 90.4FM programme manager, Naveen Singh.

We’re playing all those songs that got you working out at home with Jane Fonda, the one’s you played on your cassette boom boxes, the one’s you tried to breakdance to (whilst wearing your jelly shoes) and the songs that played in the background as you picked up the phone to call your crush and ask them out. Nothings gonna stop us now as we bring you only the best hits of the 80s.

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4 Nov 2021 12:17