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Smile 90.4FM launches "News that Cape Town needs to know, now"

The dynamic news environment is constantly evolving. With the variety of news platforms available, it has become difficult to distinguish real from fake, relevant from irrelevant and sensational from factual. Smile 90.4FM wants to simplify this by launching its brand new news positioning... News that Cape Town Needs to Know Now.
Smile 90.4FM News Manager, Liesl Smit.<p>Photo Credit: Tegan Smith Photography
Smile 90.4FM News Manager, Liesl Smit.

Photo Credit: Tegan Smith Photography

Available across all Smile 90.4FM platforms such as the Smile Website, App, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram - News that CT needs to know, now will give Capetonians greater insight into what is happening in their city and the impact it has on them.

The news landscape can be overwhelming and difficult to navigate which is why the Smile 90.4FM team wants to the listeners, news that matters to them as it happens. From breaking and developing stories in the Mother City, to Provincial, National and global events that impacts Capetonians.

Listeners are presented with a plethora of information which can be overwhelming. This is why we have repositioned our news offering to ensure that the information they receive is relevant. Our aim is to provide factual and relevant information on breaking news as well as developing stories,” says Smile 90.4FM News Manager, Liesl Smit.

Tune into Smile 90.4FM for regular updates and all the News that Cape Town Needs to know, now. You can also catch all the updates via the Smile 90.4FM app, website and social media channels.

1 Sep 2020 16:57