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From security to success: The evolving journey of Prince Moloi

Prince Moloi's transformative journey within the Johannesburg Expo Centre (JEC), NASREC showcases resilience, adaptability, and the company's commitment to internal growth.
From security to success: The evolving journey of Prince Moloi

Starting as head of security, Moloi has ascended through various roles to become the facilities portfolio manager, embodying the spirit of continuous learning and advancement that the JEC has become known for under the leadership of CEO Adele Hartdegen.

“It is our continued mission to promote a culture of development, collaboration, and trust within the JEC,” says Hartdegen.

A wealth of experience

In 2018, Moloi entered the JEC as the head of security, bringing 19 years of security industry expertise. He soon transitioned to the role of maintenance manager, demonstrating his versatility and capacity for handling diverse responsibilities. In 2020 Moloi started his new role as facilities portfolio manager.

"I decided to join the company as I wanted to expand my knowledge and experience by working with a big and established company such as the JEC. It’s been such a great experience working under different roles with the same company. I have grown and learned new skills with time," says Moloi.

A healthy challenge

Taking on completely new responsibilities was daunting at first, but Moloi settled in quickly and efficiently.

“I started out within the security industry so having to move on to new roles that entailed new responsibilities was a bit challenging for me. I was nervous and always asked myself if I could do what I had been appointed to do. The faith that my executives have in me is what kept me going because they trusted me enough to appoint me in all these different roles,” Moloi reflects.

The JEC has emphasised the importance of upskilling and training, and Moloi was given the opportunity to enrol in a facilities management course, which he plans to finish soon.

“The company encourages us to never stop learning and that has been a huge part of my journey here at the JEC. I have learned so many different things and each different position that I have worked in has served a great purpose. The JEC also believes in working together as a team and with time, I have seen how teamwork helps get the job done,” says Moloi.

A culture of growth

“I have witnessed my career progressing within the different positions I’ve been appointed in,” says Moloi. This is because the JEC looks internally for good candidates and helps them develop their skills, as well as giving them chances to play a bigger role in the company.

Moloi started off in security and is now responsible for making sure that events run smoothly. He has even had moments of high-level decision-making on behalf of the JEC.

“The fact that they trusted me with something so serious motivated and pushed me to overcome the fear and the doubt I had,” he says.

A promising future

Moloi is in his sixth year of employment with the JEC and has no plans to leave anytime soon. “What makes me want to stay is the fact that I am seeing myself grow and I see myself becoming an important part of contributing to the success of the company.”

9 Feb 2024 10:01