Hive Digital Shared Services partners with Conversion Rate Pros to offer a brand-new service to businesses

Hive Digital Shared Services, a division of Caxton CTP, has partnered with Nick Wright of Conversion Rate Pros to offer a new service that will help businesses get the most out of their websites.
Wright, who is the CEO of travel-booking website, started CRP while trying to optimise his own website to create a better experience for visitors, and to better ensure they convert into customers. After seeing the success of this methodology, he decided to roll it in the form of a new business: Conversion Rate Pros.

“At Conversion Rate Pros, there is nothing we value higher than quality,” explains Wright. “It is for this reason that we are so excited to be partnering with an agency of the quality of Hive Digital.”

Kristin Louw, general manager of Hive, is equally positive about the partnership, saying: “Hive are thrilled to be able to offer our clients a service that provides this sort of value, especially in a time where a brand’s digital presence needs to work harder than ever.”

Conversion rate optimisation uses a unique combination of industry-leading, AI -powered tech, digital marketing expertise and extensive research to test, enhance and optimise a brand’s website to get the most out of it, without increasing the spend. The result is a plethora of benefits, including:
  • Growing your net revenue without increasing any spend (lower CPCs for sites with higher engagement)
  • Improving the conversion rate on your website
  • Capitalising on existing traffic and optimising advertising spend
  • Insights into products and customer needs
  • Self-heightening: Compounding improvement over time

Hive Digital Shared Services will be offering conversion rate optimisation in the form of pay-as-you-go and month-on-month packages, making it easy for companies to jump straight in and start reaping the benefits.

Says Louw: “We believe conversion optimisation to be the perfect marriage to a digital media strategy – ensuring your website is in its best possible condition before driving traffic there. A match made in marketing heaven.”

To find out more information, email aidem.latigidevih@ofni

29 Mar 2021 08:16


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