Look and please do touch!

A new brand has been launched within the Caxton local media stable offering integrated campaign solutions on page, on site, via social and out of home with the added ability to deliver samples directly to homes.
Look and please do touch!

We proudly present Introducing!SA. We are combining the best of all worlds from our years of experience in lifestyle content writing and magazine editorial credibility, to the sophisticated delivery network of local papers by getting your brand directly into the homes of consumers.

Use a single page within Introducing!SA, a double page or a four-page centre spread to showcase your latest brands, product launches and innovations or to simply share new ideas about existing products and brands.

Your content marketing plan can be extended to reach our highly engaged readers via this new and exciting editorially-led platform. Local papers have proven to be an environment used for advertising: readers pay attention to content about what’s happening close-to-home, to find special deals in their area and to plan their shopping. The on-page offering includes the ability to embed video via an augmented reality app or to use QR codes to link through to online content.

Introducing!SA’s on-site offering will include coverage on the stand alone Introducing!SA website and on the relevant local news network sites that the on page content appears in. The content would be produced as evergreen, lifestyle editorial. Advertising opportunities within this space include sponsored content and banner advertising, video, takeovers as well as the ability to do competitions, polls and newsletters.

Introducing!SA’s social media platforms encourage further reader engagement and can be used to drive traffic to your content, tactically. Introducing!SA’s writers will ensure they match the message to the medium whether using our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or TikTok accounts.

By leveraging Caxton’s exceptional distribution, Introducing!SA can extend your brand’s message into the streets of the suburbs for two months at a time. Our Caxton trucks and runners can be branded enhancing your visibility in your selected areas.

Look and please do touch!

Introducing!SA is also equipped to carry sampling in the local papers. Watch this space for more information about getting your brand physically into the home of ready-to-buy consumers.

Select any combination of the integrated offerings that Introducing!SA brings to the home of your consumer.

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Spark Media, a division of Caxton and CTP Publishers and Printers Ltd is an advertising and media-solutions, sales company. We represent Caxton-owned local newspapers, as well as selected independent publications in Sub-Saharan Africa. We offer solutions that focus on location-targeted content.

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