Another big digital win for Ogilvy

Ogilvy South Africa was acknowledged as the 2017 FM AdFocus Digital Agency of the Year - after delivering enviable growth in its digital business, off an already high base, and winning creative and effective awards for seven different clients in eleven different digital disciplines during the year.

Work for KFC, Vodacom, DSTV, Volkswagen SA, Audi and SAB was highlighted in the winning entry. Wins included South Africa’s first Gold award at Cannes for Digital Film and a variety of recognition from global and local awards.

The AdFocus accolade for Ogilvy comes on top of also receiving the 2017 Bookmarks Digital Agency of the Year award.

Ogilvy SA Chief Creative Officer Pete Case says: “Since the Gloo merger - we’ve merged business units, budgets and disciplines across the Ogilvy group to deliver work that lives way beyond the bounds of traditional digital. And we’ve done this across some of South Africa’s biggest and most complex brands who’ve been brave partners in the process. Next year we may not see this stand-alone category again, as digital is increasingly such a layered and pervasive conversation. It’s part of everything we do at Ogilvy, in our journey to make brands matter in the lives of the modern consumer.”

Ogilvy’s National Digital Lead, Richard Murton believes there’s no single ingredient that has driven the success: “Rather it’s a combination of a clear ambition, a focus on generating long-term ROI, an innately curious set of digital people open to the opportunities of disruption, transformation and the ever-changing technology landscape; and finally, a culture underpinned by the need to fail fast and to learn quickly along the road.”

Aside from digital client work, Ogilvy has innovated in a number of ways including the development of its own digital training curricula, pioneering a creative partnership with Facebook and creating an in-house innovation lab. Next year sees the launch of even more new services, that use the power of digital to help create personalized and relevant connections with Consumers.

This year’s win takes the collective tally for Gloo and Ogilvy to eight awards in this digital category, over the past 10 years.

27 Nov 2017 09:59