Enterprise development - the gift that keeps on giving

What started out as an Enterprise Development (ED) initiative in 2014 has produced exponential results for BT Conglomerate. Under the leadership of Mr Bethuel Nevondo, the small business has now grown its operations, starting out as a gardening services business which has branched into civil works.
BT Conglomerate at work on one of their construction projects
BT Conglomerate at work on one of their construction projects

Following an initial ED sponsorship of gardening tools, Enterprises University of Pretoria (Enterprises UP) further sponsored the company’s owner and director, Mr Nevondo, to attend a course in Project Management Principles and Practices in Organisations – providing him with critical tools and techniques to manage projects in the work environment. About the benefits of attending the short course, he expressed that he attributes much of the growth of his business to the lessons learned about project management. “Our business operations have improved. Our company can run multiple projects at the same time which helps to increase our revenue. Our business has grown,” he explains.

In addition to expanding BT Conglomerate to provide technical services to public and private companies, Mr Nevondo uses his background and formal training in electrical engineering to offer civil and engineering services. In order to offer efficient services to his clients, he recently enrolled for (and completed) the Pipeline System Design short course with Enterprises UP. This knowledge will come in handy when BT Conglomerate completes plumbing, electrical, construction, and pipeline projects – which are some of their new service offerings.

When asked about the future of his business, Mr Nevondo explains, “The plan is to grow the business and specialise in the fields of pipe design and installation, to buy more borehole water drilling machines, and to expand our operations to neighbouring countries.”

“The support from Enterprises UP was crucial in shaping me into the kind of man that I am today. I came with a dream and Enterprises UP supported me. The support did not only benefit me, it has also benefitted over 50 young people to date through jobs that we give them,” he smiles.

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