Ackermans latest star-studded lingerie campaign inspires women to celebrate their true self

Leading value retailer Ackermans is shaking up the industry with its latest Valentine's lingerie campaign, "I Am Me" (#iamme), which calls on South African women to celebrate their true selves and each other.
Ackermans latest star-studded lingerie campaign inspires women to celebrate their true self

Conceptualised and produced in partnership with the retailer’s lead creative agency, 99c, the campaign’s primary message is not one of romantic love, but rather, self-love. “The body-positivity movement is gaining traction all over the globe, and #iamme says to women that rather than hide or grudgingly accept your flaws, these so-called ‘imperfections’ are what make you unique,” says Tanya Ruiters, Marketing Specialist at Ackermans.

The campaign features a star-studded cast, including Busiswa Gqulu, Pearl Modiadie, Minki van der Westhuizen, Rami Chuene and Kim Jayde. Ruiters explains that great care went into choosing the celebrities. “These five women are beautiful, talented and influential; they’re comfortable in their own skin and wholeheartedly embrace every aspect of themselves. They truly embody the spirit of #iamme.”

Living across a multitude of channels including social, digital and traditional media - and with ATL, BTL, PR and in-store executions - #iamme serves as a shining example of a holistically integrated piece of work.

Christopher Smith, Creative Director at 99c, admits that this was no easy feat. “While all from different backgrounds, there was this instant, genuine connection between the celebrities when they met each other on set. One of our challenges was to attempt to tangibly capture this spirit of ‘women supporting women’ across every touchpoint of the campaign, and I believe we’ve achieved this.

“We wanted to tell the story of five enormously successful, vivacious women at the top of their game, and show that they have the same insecurities and vulnerabilities as all of us – yet they’re choosing to embrace these so-called ‘flaws’.

“And in this ‘age of the influencer’, we wanted to leverage their followings for good; using their platforms to encourage other women to do the same, and join the movement.”

True to its spirit of authenticity, the campaign invokes minimal retouching, with only shadows and minor blemishes removed. The strikingly beautiful imagery proudly displays stretch marks, curves and bumps, in all their glory.

The retailer maintains that in today’s world, brands need to work harder to cut through the clutter. “It’s more important than ever to know your customer, through engaging in conversations that are meaningful to them and showing that you understand their hopes, dreams and hurdles," says Ruiters.

“It goes beyond simply product. Rather, it’s about demonstrating to customers the different ways in which you add real value to their lives.”

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8 Feb 2019 16:31