Customers' data is safe with Ackermans

Ackermans has always strived to ensure that the systems and measures necessary for the optimal protection of its customers' data are in place. Now, with the Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Act in play, the company can confirm that it ticks all the boxes when it comes to being accountable in this field.
Says Sean Cardinaal, Ackermans' managing director: "The fact that the POPI Act governs the way in which companies manage data certainly brings a renewed peace of mind to South Africans. We at Ackermans welcome this initiative and, without a doubt, want to give our customers the guarantee and reassurance that their personal information is safe with us."

Ackermans customers will not only benefit from the data security infrastructures that are in place, but also from how the company uses the consent information given to them by its customers.

Customers have always been asked to opt in for communication for marketing purposes from Ackermans and can look out for a new streamlined system in store. Till mats will be displayed, clearly stating what it is that customers agree to when they opt in to Ackermans marketing communication. Furthermore, they can at any given time opt out of these types of messages by contacting the Ackermans call centre (0860 900 100).

In addition, this transparency agreement between Ackermans and its customers automatically combats spamming as they are in control of what type of information they receive from Ackermans.

For more information, call Ackermans Customer Care on 0860 900 100 or visit
18 Jun 2014 10:16