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New Media presses play on agile new video agency

Ready for action: South Africa’s newest 25-year-old video agency flips the script on affordable, story-driven video content.

Innovative, scroll-stopping visual stories, unprecedented value and a 48-hour turnaround time! The future of video is purple – or Reddish Blue. Building on the company’s 25 years of storytelling expertise, New Media’s new video agency boasts an expert team dedicated to meeting the demand for quality, affordable moving content produced at scale. And, with their 48-Hour Indie product offering, tactical video marketing just got a big shot in the arm.

New Media presses play on agile new video agency

New Media presses play on agile new video agency

New Media CEO Aileen Lamb says: “To create the best content, we always rely on who we are at our core: passionate storytellers. Supreme creativity and technical skill married to commercial acumen has always been the hallmark of our Purple People. Now, we’ve assembled the ultimate team of visual storytellers to change the game for video marketing in South Africa. Having soft launched Reddish Blue in September, we’re now ready to tell the world: we work fast, we’re affordable, we produce high-quality video at scale – and we make you look great.

“We see ourselves as custodians of our clients’ stories, and when onboarding a client, they become a part of our family. Their story becomes our story, and we want to shout it from the rooftops!”

No matter where you are in your marketing journey – whether you’re looking to create a brand video, motion graphics, an explainer video campaign, video testimonials, or visual case studies – Reddish Blue has your back.

Reddish Blue head of storytelling Hanfred Rauch says: “Videos with high production values have their place – and New Media gained a reputation for doing these really well long before Reddish Blue – but you don’t always need an epic. Sometimes, you just want to chill with your client in their living room, cook with them in their kitchen, motivate them on the treadmill, or be their lunch companion, personal shopper or decorator. It could be as simple as a spontaneous 'hello'. But how you say 'hello' and when you say it makes all the difference.

New Media presses play on agile new video agency

“That’s where Reddish Blue comes in. We want to be your bestie, your wing person, your champion and, where it counts, your guide. For the past 10 years, every online marketing guru and their cousin has been convincing us that video is king. And it is. But what is your brand story really and how can you convey it with authenticity and relevance? That’s the magic we bring.”

The video agency’s first project was a veritable trial by fire. Reddish Blue has produced no less than 103 videos – and counting – for the 2023 Eat Out Woolworths Restaurant Awards campaign. Sixty-five of these, filmed and edited in just two months, dazzled an audience of 800 people on the super-widescreen above the stage in the GrandWest Grand Arena. The team was also responsible for filming vignettes with Carl Wastie on the day of the awards ceremony, which will soon roll out on Eat Out’s social media channels as a more lo-fi denouement to the event.

Rauch says: “We delivered this multichannel video campaign for Eat Out on time, on budget and – above all – on brand. I am so proud of our fledgling team for seizing the opportunity to showcase why we are the hottest new video agency on the block.

“But we’re here to convince you that this moving magic doesn’t have to come with a sky-high price tag. You don’t need to invest the same amount of time and effort you would in a big production. The word ‘video’ doesn’t need to send you into a panic about cost – or time you don’t have. Let’s save the drama for the camera.”

Introducing the 48-Hour Indie

There is a growing appetite across the board for “lo-fi” video content that’s quick and cost-effective to produce. “The trick is to produce content on the double without compromising on production value,” says Rauch. “In fact, you could brief us this morning and have a compelling video by close of business tomorrow.”

Enter the 48-Hour Indie, Reddish Blue’s short-form secret weapon for last-minute product launches, event coverage, short interviews and explainers. Informed by the latest social media trends and video communications best practices, this offering provides clients with high-quality video quickly, with set checkpoints that simplify the approval process.

Says Rauch: “It’s by far the most cost-effective option for getting your message out there with stand-out creative video content.”

Over the past decade and a half, New Media has earned a reputation for creativity, high quality and most importantly, measurable results. In that respect, Reddish Blue will be no different.

Lamb concludes: “We drive results for brands who, like us, believe in real connections that lead to long-term growth. To do that, we take your brand to the people whose lives you want to change for the better. Reddish Blue is the next step in our evolution as a business, and it’s all about empowering brands to communicate visually with their audiences in the purple way – with heaps of heart and savvy smarts.”

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1 Dec 2023 11:44