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Michelin launches a range of 4 new downhill tyres

In keeping with its policy of putting its innovations through their paces in topflight competition, Michelin returned to the world of competitive mountain biking last season after an absence of a few years from the discipline with an ambitious downhill programme.
The brand is following up its commitment to the UCI DH World Cup and Enduro World Series (EWS) in 2019 alongside winning team, MS Mondraker, with the introduction of four new downhill tyres: the Michelin DH 34, Michelin DH 22, Michelin DH MUD and Michelin DH 34 Bike Park.

After four years of development and more than 18 months of intensive testing, these four tyres together cover all the different types of terrain and grip conditions downhillers are likely to come across when training, or competing, irrespective of the weather. The products in the Michelin DH range perform at their best across a broad spectrum of temperatures ranging from 5°C to 40°C.

The Michelin DH range packs several innovations:
  • A new Michelin Maxi-X DH compound for superior grip on dry and damp ground,
  • Reinforced casing and sidewalls,
  • New beads and outstanding resistance to puncturing, even when running with low tyre pressure.
The Michelin DH 34, for hard, rocky ground:

The Michelin DH 34 is the fastest tyre in the range and was developed for hard-packed, rocky ground. It also performs strongly at bike parks. Its chief features are:
  • Its lateral tread blocks are derived from those of the Michelin Wild Enduro and designed to cope with the specific constraints associated with downhill riding while also providing outstanding stability when leaning through corners.
  • The design of the central knobs favours high speed and stable braking.
The Michelin DH 22, a versatile tyre for all types of ground:

This is the most versatile tyre in the range. The Michelin DH 22 is in its element on mixed terrain and or low-grip surfaces thanks to:
  • Tread blocks engineered to combine high cornering speeds and progressive handling when leaning,
  • Central knobs for progressive handling when changing the direction of lean and under braking.
The Michelin DH Mud, for soft and/or muddy ground:

The Michelin DH MUD is ideal for difficult, slippery and/or muddy ground where grip is at a premium. Its tread pattern is designed for high cornering grip, as well as outstanding braking performance and mud clearance capacity. An additional feature of this tyre is its cuttable blocks which are particularly popular with downhillers since they are able to optimise performance by adapting the knobs as a function of the prevailing conditions.

The performance line: The Michelin DH 34 Bike Park:

The Michelin DH 34 Bike Park features the same tread block design as that of the Michelin DH 34, but its casing and compound are optimised for bike park riding. Michelin Gum-X technology was conceived to combine long tyre life with outstanding grip, while bead-to-bead protection adds resilience which is further boosted thanks to TLReady technology.

14 Apr 2020 14:10