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Offlimit Communications celebrates 20 stellar years of innovation and success in TTL marketing

Offlimit Communications (OLC), a leading through-the-line (TTL) marketing agency, proudly celebrates its 20th anniversary. Since its inception, OLC has remained at the forefront of TTL marketing, devising comprehensive and innovative strategies that span all forms of media to deliver unmatched results for brands and businesses.
Offlimit Communications celebrates 20 stellar years of innovation and success in TTL marketing

Reflecting on the agency's journey, Jerome Cohen, Founder of Offlimit Communications, stated, "Our 20-year milestone underscores our unwavering commitment to excellence, creativity, and a relentless 'can do' culture. The resilience and dedication of our team have been instrumental in navigating the complexities of our industry and achieving remarkable success."

Central to OLC's ethos are the principles of "hustle" and "value," signifying the importance of perseverance, relentless pursuit of excellence, and the delivery of significant value to clients. By continuously adapting to the evolving marketing landscape and embracing innovation, OLC has consistently exceeded client expectations.

In the past five years, OLC has achieved a notable BBBEE rating, demonstrating its commitment to diversity, equality, and empowerment within the South African business landscape. This accomplishment is a testament to the agency's dedication to fostering an inclusive and progressive workplace.

The agency's client base has expanded significantly across the FMCG industry, reinforcing OLC's position as a leader in delivering targeted and impactful marketing solutions. Furthermore, OLC continues to be one of Coca-Cola's preferred agencies, a relationship built on mutual trust, innovation, and outstanding campaign success.

As OLC commemorates this significant anniversary, it reaffirms its dedication to exploring new horizons in TTL marketing by offering innovative solutions and exceptional service. The agency remains at the cutting edge of marketing technologies and strategies, ensuring it provides unparalleled value to its clients.

Jerome Cohen, along with partners Lisa Alton, Shereen Zuma, and Garon Bloom, believe they are just getting started. "As we celebrate this milestone, our focus on innovation, value addition, and strengthening client relationships is stronger than ever. We are eager for the opportunities that lie ahead and remain committed to continuing our legacy of excellence in TTL marketing," Cohen adds.

OLC's journey over the past two decades showcases its ability to overcome industry challenges, its steadfast commitment to clients, and its drive for success in the TTL marketing realm. The agency is excited about the future, ready to embark on many more years of growth, innovation, and contributing to the success of businesses in Africa and beyond.

9 May 2024 13:13