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Jungle surprises South Africans with new Oat Drink, taking over the streets and skies of Mzansi

To celebrate the release of its innovative Jungle Oat Drink range, Jungle initiated a dynamic campaign across South Africa. Vibrant takeovers transformed the bustling streets of Johannesburg (JHB), Durban (DBN), and Cape Town (CPT), as well as the skies between them, offering a first-hand experience of the product's new flavours and its added nutritional benefits to suit all lifestyles.
Jungle surprises South Africans with new Oat Drink, taking over the streets and skies of Mzansi

Consumers started their day with heart, embracing the new product from anywhere, anytime, even on the go.

Capturing the essence of on-the-go snack, breakfast and benefits in a bottle, the new Jungle Oat Drink was seen, felt, and tasted by South Africans, surprising and delighting people nationwide.

Here's how Jungle showed up for South Africans:

Three-city intersections takeover

JHB, DBN, and CPT intersections were transformed into a vibrant showcase of taste, health benefits and excitement, with life-sized Jungle Oat Drink bottles making a colourful impact across the nation. Commuters indulged in mass sampling moments, enjoying the new oat drink, while surprise brass band performances in JHB injected a joyful beat into the morning rush.

Lift flight takeover

Jungle took to the skies with an engaging takeover on Lift flights connecting JHB and CPT. Passengers were treated to an exclusive sampling of the oat drink, paired with captivating acapella performances, enriching their travel experience with both flavour and song.

Lanseria Airport takeover

Unexpected sampling moments delighted travellers at Lanseria Airport, where an exuberant dance flash mob joyfully disrupted the routine of departure and arrival. Each step and beat echoed the heart-healthy message of the Jungle Oat Drink range.

Jungle surprises South Africans with new Oat Drink, taking over the streets and skies of Mzansi

"Jungle is 103 years old and we wanted to demonstrate that the brand is still as relevant today as it has been over the last 103 years. The roots of the brand are strongly anchored in oats and its benefits, so a functional oat drink with a variety of benefits in service of modern South Africans on the go, is a natural next step for this beloved brand. We're grateful to all South Africans who sampled, engaged and connected across platforms – socials, radio, intersections, airport areas and on the flights," remarked Jungle marketing director Lee-Anne Govender.

“Given that 87% of people tell us that breakfast is the most important meal of the day – this new Jungle Oat Drink range is versatile to keep up with busy South African lifestyles – anywhere, anytime, even on the go," Govender concluded.

In tune with consumer desires

The Jungle Oat Drink range answers the call for quick, tasty and fortified oat drinks which can be consumed anywhere, anytime even on the go. With flavours catering to heart, brain, immune, muscle, and digestive wellness, these ready-to-drink bottles provide functional benefits for an on-the-go lifestyle.

The new Jungle Oat Drink is more than a beverage; it's a lifestyle choice for the health-conscious, the people on-the-go and anyone who just needs a quick snack.

The excitement of these takeovers is just the beginning. With the motivational and uplifting spirit of the campaign, Jungle continues to meet consumer needs, inviting all of South Africa to not just ‘Start with heart, but do life with heart'.

8 Nov 2023 09:15