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The transformative journey of TLC Worldwide Africa: From marketing agency to martech powerhouse

In the ever-evolving business landscape, our belief is that companies that do not adapt to the seismic technological, socio-economic and customer behavioural shifts will likely find themselves teetering on the brink of irrelevance and dwindling market share.
The transformative journey of TLC Worldwide Africa: From marketing agency to martech powerhouse

For 30 years, TLC Worldwide made its mark as a successful and dynamic marketing agency in the rewards and loyalty industry, providing brands across the world with memorable experiences to engage and add value to our clients and their customers. Understanding consumer behaviour and the base need-states of customers has helped us create personalised rewards and design loyalty programmes that have made us a strategic partner for businesses and brands of all sizes.

However, we recognised a critical and fundamental need to transform our business.

Embracing agility, adaptability, and critical thinking we transformed our business into a martech platform, designing advanced tools and services that leverage data analytics, automation, and artificial intelligence (AI). By doing so, we were able to provide a more compelling technological offering through our revolutionary ‘Cosmos’ platform that could better respond to market dynamics and customer expectations in this ever-evolving customer-centric landscape.

Our core business focus remained the same: to help brands provide their customers with rewarding experiences at a fraction of the cost, building brand affinity and loyalty through our shared value formula.

Our transition wasn't just about offering our client advanced tech solutions.

We undertook a holistic and robust transformation, restructuring our internal operations, investing in new skills, existing and new talent, and adopting a constant learning and inclusive culture in our business.

With this relatively new martech positioning, we have not abandoned our roots.

The core principle that has guided our business – delivering unique rewards and experiences – remains at the heart of our martech offering. We are just delivering it in a more effective and agile way.

Our platform enables brands to craft personalised, rewarding experiences at scale, with more precision and efficiency. Predictive analytics allows brands to gain deep insights into customer behaviour, preferences, and purchasing patterns, enabling us to design rewards that resonate with their individual needs.

Moreover, automation tools help streamline the process of designing, executing, and measuring campaigns and the accompanying rich data, reducing much of the previous manual effort, and improving the speed and accuracy of our business operations. This transition boosted our growth and will help our clients adapt to the fast-changing and competitive marketing landscape.

We believe our story is one of vision, courage, and sustainable transformation. It's about holding onto our core mission to provide brands with rewarding experiences - while reinventing ourselves to provide value consummately and continuously to our clients. Today, TLC Worldwide Africa is not just a martech platform, our transformation is a testament to the power of agility, adaptability, and technological innovation in the face of change.

16 Aug 2023 10:11


About the author

Theo Clarke, agency director at TLC Worldwide Middle East and Africa