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Virgin Money and Grey South Africa presents 'The Unpredictables'

Famously effective advertising agency Grey Johannesburg recently produced a series of television commercials for Virgin Money Insurance titled "The Unpredictables".
Virgin Money and Grey South Africa presents 'The Unpredictables'

The ads feature a bunch of fun, quirky characters called the Unpredictables, who embody pretty much all of the issues car owners encounter, and which make insurance tricky, and certainly rather unpredictable – from incurring unexpected costs on the road, to paying for the mistakes of really bad drivers to frustrating encounters with call centre agents. The point is that you can’t always control what happens to you out there – but Virgin Money Insurance puts you in charge, giving you control over your money.

“The great thing about working with a brand like Virgin is that they’re as passionate and hungry for solid creative ideas as we are,” said Fran Luckin, Chief Creative Officer at GREY Johannesburg.

“We had great fun producing these and look forward to creating even better content going forward,” said Luckin.

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Solomon Molefe
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4 Jun 2018 11:46