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Red & Yellow reveals 6th edition of the world's most widely used digital marketing textbook

It is with great excitement that The Red & Yellow School unveils the much-anticipated 6th edition of its digital marketing textbook, eMarketing: The Essential guide to Marketing in a Digital world, as a beta version for review. Proudly celebrating its 10th anniversary when published early 2018, this 600-plus page tome promises to become even more of a trusted resource than its predecessors.
Beta 6th Edition of eMarketing Textbook
Beta 6th Edition of eMarketing Textbook
What's even more important to Red & Yellow is that the book is available online for free download under a Creative Commons License, which has led to its use in literally thousands of education institutions around the world. Being freely available online lowers the barrier to education for students, and is very much in line with Red & Yellow's social commitment.

The success of the book is not only because it is freely available but because the content is guided by the best minds in the business.

Acknowledging the massive impact that contributors have had on the previous editions and with enthusiastic input already received, Red & Yellow is releasing this as a Beta version to elicit more feedback from a wider community. Input from industry experts and educators will ensure it continues to be internationally-relevant and the valuable educational resource that readers have come to expect.

"Over 10 years of producing this book, we have been so grateful for the input from our community of digital marketing experts and educators; and for this 6th edition we wanted to make this opportunity to contribute even greater. What do you think needs to be added, changed or left out? What could we have explained better? What clever digital marketing tactic did we forget to include and what social platform needs more attention? Ultimately, how could we improve our book and its pedagogy to create an even better learning experience for our students and educators around the world?" says Rob Stokes, Chairman of Red & Yellow, who has been at the helm of this passion project since its first release with digital agency, Quirk, in 2008. After selling the agency to WPP in 2014, Rob continues to champion the subsequent editions of the book, together with the Red & Yellow team.

Please download select chapters or the whole book, read, enjoy and feedback to us on We will be closing this Beta on 31 December 2017, and aim to have the book on the shelves (and of course free to download from our site) in the first half of next year.

15 Nov 2017 13:05