Embracing the principles of MOT

False Bay TVET College is an active participant in the MOT Programme. This is a programme that originated in Norway and aims to give students certain tools to help them develop into strong and resilient members of society. Students undergo MOT sessions where valuable life skills are shared with the students. The vision of MOT is to create a warmer and safer society. False Bay College has run the MOT programme across all campuses to give students the extra skills to manage themselves and their interactions with other. The values of the MOT programme are Courage to LIVE, Courage to CARE and Courage to say NO.
Hovstad Award 2019 award recipient, Christine Thomas
Hovstad Award 2019 award recipient, Christine Thomas
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MOT Coach of the Year award recipient, Nobuntu Luthuli
MOT Coach of the Year award recipient, Nobuntu Luthuli
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The underlying principles in the MOT Programme are to teach students how to work proactively, reinforce the positive and see the whole person as being a valuable member of a campus.

The MOT Programme at False Bay College has been a powerful motivator of young people and the college has seen improvement in many areas of student life that can be attributed to the delivery of the MOT Programme.

Recently the 10th AGM of MOT South Africa took place in Cape Town. At this event, there was reflection on the past 10 years and the role that MOT has played in the lives of young people.

Dr Patricia Jacobs, IPSS UWC was the guest speaker. She has recently completed research around the motivation levels of students in TVET Colleges. She has looked at the levels of motivation when students have been exposed to the MOT Programme. The findings have been very positive, with students displaying high levels of motivation. This bodes well for the sector and the MOT Programme.

Part of the 10th AGM were the awards in four specific categories:

1. MOT TVET College Campus of the Year: Awarded to Northlink TVET College
2. MOT School of the Year: Awarded to Simons Town High School
3. MOT Coach of the Year: Awarded to Ms Nobuntu Luthuli from False Bay College, Khayelitsha Campus
4. Are Hovstad Award 2019 presented by Wenche Hovstad was awarded to Ms Christine Thomas, from False Bay College, Fish Hoek Campus.

Christine portrays the MOT core values in her daily life and interaction with others. She is the MOT Coordinator at the Fish Hoek Campus of False Bay College. Christine has spearheaded many MOT programmes and initiatves to ensure the holistic development of students.

MOT South Africa recently trained a new cohort of 27 MOT Coaches from False Bay College, College of Cape Town, Mbekewni Youth Centre and San Souci High School. These coaches are commended for taking the step to become a MOT Coach as it requires you to give so much of yourself in the holistic development of young people as well as being a role model, creating a safe and warm environment within which these students will thrive.

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About the author

Melanie Vermaak is the Acting Deputy Principal Academics at False Bay TVET College.