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36 Boutiques New Summer Collection

Agency DDB worked with Bluegrass Digital to develop a daring campaign for fashion retailer 36 Boutiques.
The campaign, entitled Strip The Look, showcased the retailer's summer collection in a new and bold way, in an attempt to show that certain looks can be taken back to basics for a very low cost. Models wearing clothes from 36 Boutiques will be involved in a photo shoot, starting fully clothed and removing various items to take a look back to its absolute basics.

Bluegrass will use its technical expertise to combine the images in a slick animation, combined with a dynamically updating price as each look is stripped down to its bare essentials. The trick will be to make the animations viewable on both mobile devices and web browsers, and to build a look that is clean, functional and very easy to use. DDB will combine this with a focused marketing campaign across social networking platforms like Twitter and Facebook to spread the word, and get people involved in this exciting campaign. To do this, Strip The Look won't use any Flash at all, and is based on the JQuery javascript library to ensure a standards-based, cross platform approach, but still maintain a great experience for the user.

DDB and Bluegrass last worked together on an iPad app for Honda, and the companies hope to continue their successful partnership. It helps that Bluegrass has worked with several other fashion brands in the past: "We have previously worked with Dunlop and Wrangler in the UK and currently also working on another fashion label with DDB," says Mark Hawkins, Operations Director."

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11 Nov 2011 09:30