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Bluegrass partners with Veeva platform

Digital production agency, Bluegrass Digital, has been named an official solution partner of Veeva. Bluegrass was recognised by Veeva for their ongoing digital expertise in the fields of mobile applications and content management.
Bluegrass partners with best-in-class content management providers to deliver a tailored solution best suited to each client and Veeva is a leading provider of cloud-based CRM and content management for the Life Sciences industry.

Bluegrass' most recent mobile application on the Veeva iRep platform was an eDetail for Janssen Pharmaceuticals. This followed the creation of the iOS App in 2014 and is now being migrated to the Veeva iRep platform. This large eDetail consists of an interactive HTML5 presentation with 11 key messages, consisting of over 300 pages and covering 3 therapy areas and 3 different products for multiple indications. Like any eDetail solution, it is used by pharmaceutical reps in facilitating presentations to physicians for an engaging mobile experience that can be tracked and measured.

"Having worked with Veeva for a few years, we are proud to officially become a Veeva solution partner and using the benefits to further support our clients in delivery of rich Veeva iRep, Vault and CRM platform solutions," explains Bluegrass MD, Nick Durrant.

About Bluegrass Digital

Bluegrass Digital is a leading provider of creative technological solutions and digital production services for mobile, web and social platforms. With offices in London, Cape Town, Johannesburg and Lagos, our highly-skilled team offers a diverse pool of knowledge and expertise, bringing together creativity and innovative technology that delivers top-notch results for our clients.

Our expert knowledge in creative technology and development means that we are able to deliver a unique offering, centred on service delivery excellence. Bluegrass has a proven track record of delivering high-quality projects on time and within budget.

Editorial contact
Caitlin Dawes
Bluegrass Digital

24 Feb 2015 13:34