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"What did you do in 2020?"

Recently we had Jay Shetty - best-selling author of Think Like a Monk and social media mega-star - join us virtually from his Los Angeles home. How cool that we can do that today. The session was genuinely enlightening, but his closing remarks really stuck with me.
When prompted to give advice his response was wonderful. He declined advice rather asking us to reflect - how very monkish of him.

How would we respond in 10, 20 or 30 years from now to our children when they ask, as part of their history studies, what we did during 2020? How would you respond? What did you do?

I paused to do exactly that and was struck by how much gratitude – genuine gratitude, not that popular purpose driven marketing fluff – bubbled up inside.

In a year that was so brutal, so painful for so many, I am deeply appreciative that we have been able to not just survive but are now beginning to thrive. Our journey to achieve our ambition to become the #1 virtual event company in the country, out of the ashes of ongoing lockdowns, is well and truly underway.

But we’ve only been able to pursue this with the generosity of will and spirit from so many who supported us and committed to us as we endeavoured. From brave clients who placed their trust in us, to partners who collaborated with us to deliver world class solutions under the most challenging conditions.

From our team who were ‘reborn’ along the way and the charity initiatives we were able to support, to the deep pool of talent we got to share the stage and screens with. We salute all of you.

Through these contributions we were able to genuinely support so many industry professionals in need. For that I am truly grateful. Together we now face real opportunities in 2021, to build on this and create something new and fresh and exciting. As they say the show must go on.

Now we get a chance to head out for the holidays and look after ourselves for bit.

I’ll enjoy some rest, but to be honest, I’m excited about the prospect of 2021, to reconnect again and imagine what is now possible. Opportunity is indeed everywhere.

Thank you, Jay, and everybody else, you touched our lives more than you know this year.

Kids, I think we did OK.

Have a quick look at a few of the projects we worked on and the talent we worked with in 2020:

17 Dec 2020 13:31


About the author

John Paul Waites is the CEO of Worx Group.

Justin Hawes
Justin Hawes
Well done! A great video !
Posted on 9 Jan 2021 17:17