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Worx Group reveals new website and social media branding

Johannesburg-based leading events and marketing agency Worx Group reveals new website and social media branding. The refurb was implemented to accurately position the events industry in the minds of clients for what it is, where it is and where it is going. This serves as a reflection of how Worx Group believes events and live experiences should be seen in today's hyperconnected and experience-focused marketing landscape.
Worx Group reveals new website and social media branding

The events industry

Previously live events were largely single once-off projects with reach limited to the audience in attendance and some limited social media campaigning. Today with powerful connected platforms and a better appreciation of how people use these, an immersive customer experience journey can be created with the live event at the pinnacle of the programme rich with: content, rewards, sharing and uniquely personal experiences which influenced the direction of our new website design, the featured projects and navigation journey.

The Worx Group way

“We decided to do this subtle refresh as part of our own company evolution to build solutions for our clients that more accurately reflect the digitally connected nature of the world today. As a team we focus heavily on three areas including experience, engagement and evolution on top of our historical execution services,” says Worx Group CEO John Paul Waites.

The subtle design update includes the use of the company’s unique six-sided dynamic shape as a metaphorical filter or Worx Group view. “We like to overlay this shape onto projects we take responsibility for,” says Kim Winstanley Chief Growth Officer. “This simple approach ensures that when we look at projects with our clients and partners through this filter, we are always collectively focused on ensuring all the elements are considered towards achieving exponentially better results from the project. When combining multiple projects over a period using this approach the benefits improve further,” she adds.

Creating opportunity everywhere

As part of this evolution Worx Group has been investing in internal content, production and design skills along with focused digital, social, CRM and inbound marketing skills to strengthen and deepen logistics and strategic offerings. With these tools, Worx Group is positioned to add greater value to our clients as a full-service event and marketing agency in growth mode and future-bound.

2 Oct 2019 13:40